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Dead Cells Review

(Image from Steam Game Page)

Dead Cells gives it all and more: a flawless combat mechanism, a stunning retro-style environment, and a remedy to the faults of the rogue-like genre. The game has pleased fans since its release in Early Access, and the now-available complete edition is highly recommended for anybody who enjoys intense, difficult gameplay. History isn’t all that important here. We are reincarnated in a cell, from which we go on a perilous journey through a weird and exciting universe. The developers, like the designers of Dark Souls, focus on the narrative through the surroundings. Our primary weapons are two types: we may freely combine various blades and melee weapons with bows, or we can choose two swords at our choice. Of course, we must first obtain these goods or unlock and manufacture them. In addition, gadgets, grenades, and traps, for which two inventory spaces are designated. It’s a lot of fun figuring out the perfect murder tool combos. It is possible that theoretically poorer weapons just play better and more pleasurable, which has a significant influence on success. There is no monotony because we may focus on physical fighting and strength in one method and assaulting from a distance and setting them on fire in another.

(Image from Steam Game Page)

After each death, we restart – we leave the same sewers to try to reach the following levels. We will eventually go through seven stages, defeating three tough bosses along the way while facing over thirty different types of weaker opponents. The whole thing may last two, three, five, or six hours. However, there are further levels. We can get to two from the first. From the following one as well – and so on. The path to the end branching out so we don’t have to repeat the same map layout over and over. Furthermore, sites are generated at random. There are many mysteries, hidden passages, more difficult fragments with difficulties, or doors that close after a certain period in each level – and we must rush from the start to go through them. Of course, we may also play slowly and investigate every nook and corner, since this increases our chances of character development. Increasing the hero’s power is mostly accomplished through scrolls that boost certain stats throughout each approach. We can raise the quantity of hit points and acquire greater damage from a certain sort of weapon. However, when we die, we lose everything.

What makes Dead Cells unique is that dying does not entail restarting the game from the beginning, as it does in Spelunky or The Binding of Isaac. We amass a unique money, which we use at level checkpoints for permanent, irrevocable enhancements. In this fashion, we may either enhance the bottle with the healing potion or furnish ourselves with a random weapon from among those uncovered at each future start. We also unlock an extra NPC who gives further permanent enhancements to the equipment later on. Such answers imply that, despite the unique gameplay and many failures, we do not feel as if we are occasionally playing without a purpose. We shall constantly try to contribute in some manner to the general progress and make the future steps more exciting or easy. The fight’s quality is also highly crucial. Chopping, shooting, and hurling grenades, along with flawless dodging and different special effects of more fascinating weaponry, provide nonstop enjoyment. We even have a lot of fun fighting the same weak adversaries early on. Dead Cells is not simple, but it is natural to learn something new with each session. We learn how to respond to certain opponents and the capabilities of various tools. If we master the fundamentals and bosses, there are always more tough daily tasks waiting for us in a separate place that becomes available once we defeat the first boss.

(Image from Steam Game Page)

We haven’t seen such a well-executed rogue-lite in a long time, and Dead Cells also has elements of metroidvania, i.e. acquiring powers that allow us to visit previously unreachable areas. It also fosters cautious investigation and the discovery of hidden oddities. Motion Twin Studio is mostly responsible for many mobile and web games, and their latest project – the first to be released on “big” platforms – is filled with passion and enthusiasm for creating something sophisticated and challenging. In almost every way, the impact of their labor is impressive. This is a must-have for everyone who enjoy a challenging game.

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