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Atlas Fallen Review

(Image from Steam Game Page)

Atlas Fallen is an open-world action game in which we play as a nameless hero we made in the character builder. We become the owner of a strong glove gifted with immense power to wield sand as a result of a series of circumstances. We go to fight, armed with an item, against a wicked god enslaving humanity and legendary beasts hidden in the desert. The narrative of the game is brief and serves merely to motivate us to complete tasks and destroy the encountered animals. Atlas Fallen’s gameplay is mostly centered on battle. The desert landscape we journey through is teeming with various monsters that we must confront. While the combat against lesser creatures is similar to that of slashers like Devil May Cry or Darksiders, the health bar of larger monsters is separated into multiple places on the body, which we must remove one by one to weaken the opponent. Even on the easiest difficulty setting, the skirmishes may be hard, and a split second of inattention can result in instant death. The spectacularity of the monster combat moments is especially impressive. The monsters we encounter frequently dwarf us in size, creating the appearance that they are quite invincible. Fortunately, the glove we’re wearing lets us to unleash devastating combinations of hits employing special techniques, such as summoning a tornado. The result is a breathtaking sight of the battle of the titans staged in the middle of the sun-scorched desert, which, despite several conflicts, did not bore me for many hours.

(Image from Steam Game Page)

The so-called Momentum is an additional benefit of the game that adds brilliance to the battle system. The mechanism works by inflicting blows on a particular bar. The Momentum indicator is divided into three zones, with each zone increasing our damage and activating the assigned active and passive skills. At the same time, a high Momentum level makes us more vulnerable to strikes, therefore we need remain watchful. There are two passive skills and one active skill in this section of the Momentum bar. They are represented in the game world by Essence Stones, of which there are over 150. In all, we have up to nine different points at which we may tailor the game’s style to our personal preferences. Furthermore, there are options for improving the character and selecting the so-called. an idol that grants us exceptional powers. All of these components combine to form a rather comprehensive customizing mechanism for our hero. However, it is hard to battle constantly, and sadly, during breaks from murdering, the gameplay in Atlas Fallen suffers greatly. The offered tale is uninteresting, and our objectives consist of gathering stuff on the map, conversing with NPCs, and eliminating a few bad characters. The co-op feature in games frequently conceals a lousy narrative that is just meant to add to the pleasure in the company – and Atlas Fallen is regrettably an example of such a title.

(Image from Steam Game Page)

I had conflicting thoughts about the visual design. On the one hand, we have a visually appealing environment replete with sun-bathed dunes and peaks soaring over the horizon, which looks stunning in motion. On the other side, as time passed, I began to realize that it was vacant, and the few inhabited communities were populated by individuals with uninteresting looks. I was also irritated by the lack of motion – our hero and interlocutor stand immobile during the talk, sometimes choosing for modest gestures. Although I expected a lot more from Atlas Fallen following the first announcement and my experience with the trial version, I don’t think the time I spent with The Surge’s game was wasted. Despite its flaws, Atlas Fallen contains parts that will stick with me for a long time. Deck13 studio’s project fits nicely with the notion of Christmas games – however it must be noted that it will not be simple, because this year’s pickle season has been very popular.

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