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Ravensword: Shadowlands Review

(Image from Steam Game Page)

Ravensword: Shadowlands is a huge PC or console RPG. The idea isn’t that the game is as massive, beautiful, and fantastic as, say, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It all comes down to economies of scale. As far as tablets go, it’s excellent and reminds me of the most gorgeous role-playing games. We just do not have a game like this on mobile devices.

As a result, there is exploration of a large world, missions assigned by NPCs, the main plot, and side quests; hero development, including the possibility of improving his various skills, trainers, and fighting encountered monsters; tons of iron, trading, and everything we know from RPGs. So there’s no denying the authors’ flair! The game begins at the beginning, when you must combat a gigantic troll. Then we must make our cub and send him on an excursion to find the aforementioned weapon. Character editing has a broad reach, which lovers of the genre will undoubtedly appreciate. You may pick one of the creators’ numerous daredevils or adjust the specifications of certain areas of the face, including the option of various tattoos, which will subsequently be visible during the game. Surprisingly, there was no way to modify the name or gender. The majority of our time in Ravensword: Shadowlands will be spent exploring the continent. We will begin the trip at Aven, the main base, where you may purchase weapons, equipment, and healing potions. We journey on foot, horseback, and… an ancient pterodactyl-like flying creature. I was taken aback when I was granted access to this animal and activities concerning it. For the first time in a tablet game, I not only investigated the terrain from below, but also flew above the heads of opponents who couldn’t reach me from the ground!

(Image from Steam Game Page)

The game environment is worth carefully investigating since there are treasure chests and riches in countless nooks and crannies, as well as hidden tunnels and deadly beast lairs. This allows you to gather fascinating stuff and boost your indicators before confronting the main adversary. I’ll add that Ravensword: Shadowlands contains a rich bestiary as well. Opponent artificial intelligence is essentially non-existent. All of these beautiful and different creatures are waiting for you to approach and stab them like numb stakes. It might get even worse. I cleaned out a whole squad of scouts in mines full of kobolds who were technically stronger than me just because they were stuck on a certain mine cart. It was a shame not to take use of such an opportunity, but we see similar technological faults in other aspects of this fascinating universe. Fortunately, Ravensword: Shadowlands’ remaining elements have been fine-tuned. The game is simple to play, and I have no complaints about the touchscreen interface. You may modify your weapon in a friendly manner and upgrade it with magical jewels. He trades with the characters and has typical dialogues. We occasionally improve the character after progressing to the following level. Then, on various levels, you can strengthen one of the four accessible traits and develop one of the sixteen abilities, which are separated into four categories. Most significantly, these decisions have a significant influence on gameplay early on in the game. We can construct a fast-moving fighter who can reach adversaries swiftly or one who can sneak up on them unobserved. You must also decide if you like a bruiser who is inept at magic or a sorcerer who can barely wield an axe. When we employ certain weapons, we gain the ability to battle with them, something RPG aficionados should love.

(Image from Steam Game Page)

The visuals and different locales we visit in Ravensword: Shadowlands are wonderfully unexpected. The game looks fantastic graphically for a handheld device, and the animations of moving creatures and animals are attractive to the eye. Regardless of its limitations, Ravensword: Shadowlands is now the greatest example of modern RPG games on mobile devices, implementing the genre’s concept most intelligently. It is a delight to grow the character, explore the surrounding locations, and perform the duties assigned to our hero in the Crescent Moon Games studio’s production. I hope to see more titles like this in the future.

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