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The Inner World Review

(Image from Steam Game Page)

The Inner World, although appearing to be a fairy story about a really good hero, rapidly displays its cards. It’s an engrossing novel full of dark humor and intricate logical riddles.

The introduction soon alters the tone and ruins the initial impression. The action takes place on the soil-covered planet Asposia. An subterranean civilization of amicable animals exists. The fans are powered by air pushed in through three apertures from the outside. When the Basilians attack, the situation changes abruptly. The Basilians are dragon-like monsters that, as the name implies, turn the population to stone. After a brief battle, it is revealed that Conroy, one of the three priests, controls the last well supplying wind. As a result, we soon go from a beautiful fairy tale to a less cheerful parable about power, dictatorship, and religion. We take on the role of Robert, a young Asposian who works as Conroy’s assistant. The hero has lived his whole existence within four walls, and his joyful mood contrasts with the rest of the given world in an unusual way. Robert is one of the nicest gaming characters I’ve ever met. The concept of a hero who is clueless of the realities of his surroundings is not novel, but the authors at Studio Fizbin depicted the character in an amusing and plausible manner. Excellent voice acting is also essential. Wonderful old Robert slips into a waste pipe and embarks on an adventure to learn his own past and influence the fate of the earth, all while being peppered with wonderful, ridiculous humor. We outfit cold slum children, interview a monk who is drinking away his faith and money in a stuffy pub, and uncover religious conspiracies.

(Image from Steam Game Page)

Not only was the main character rendered well. The full array of unique individuals likewise leaves an indelible impact. A mansion caretaker with a dual personality, brainless guards, a filthy bartender, an annoying child, or slow scientists – all with well-written language and extremely well – mainly – picked voices. Mostly because the object of Robert’s amorous sighs and one of the key characters doesn’t sound that appealing. The designs, which are totally drawn, are extremely appealing. However, the distinct style does not have to be appealing to everyone. Music is playing in the background, mostly undetected, vanishing someplace in the distance and flowing softly. Furthermore, the game is not rushed, enabling you to go at your own speed and take as much time as you like to each task. And it must be recognized that The Inner World is not the most straightforward of names. The designers went old school. We pack our pockets with random objects and put them together in bizarre ways. As in the past, solutions frequently have nothing to do with logic and must rely on the well-known “everything on everything” strategy. The several-second “pause” in gaming when testing each connection irked me. Even if a specific combination of objects is hard to implement, the game reconsiders. However, it is critical because completing the most difficult jobs provides immense joy and enhances the ego.

It’s easy to get lost for hours here, and the places are full with intriguing features that may be highlighted by holding the proper key. Each thing is visible, and Robert’s amusing commentary is audible. The designers clearly put a lot of effort into the game at every stage. Unfortunately, the technical element lacked the same accuracy – the title crashed multiple times when loading following chapters, and it also had issues obtaining achievements on Steam. Finally, it should be underlined that well-written conversations and descriptions, including the rhyming conundrum, need a strong command of the English language.

(Image from Steam Game Page)

The Inner World is an adult-oriented modern fairy tale with fascinating characters and an intriguing plot. If we are not frightened of increasingly difficult riddles and hours of solving, it is surely worthwhile to be interested in the Fizbin studio’s creation. Furthermore, the game is available for a very low price on Steam.

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