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Severed Review

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The PlayStation Vita was slowly dying with no hope of reviving consumer interest in new games. Suddenly, Severed comes, which is so original and makes such good use of the touch screen that it temporarily removes the sensation of this device’s deterioration.

We read about a lonely woman who journeys through a fascinating universe in quest of missing family members. Sasha embarks on a long quest to uncover the mystery of her loved ones’ disappearance, during which she faces several frightening monsters. To make matters worse, the young lady loses one of her arms. This does not stop her from chopping off the beast’s limbs with the sword in her other hand. A brief overview of what we will be dealing with in the next hours. As with Guacamelee, we find the distinct ambiance of Mexican-Aztec art paired with gameplay that is a twist on typical first-person RPG games. Despite its vibrant hues, the planet does not appear to be hopeful. We stroll through a number of ruins, the existence of which appears to remind us of a major disaster in the past. We’re tormented by bizarre two-headed birds, as well as shady and evil wanderers. A dark tower rises in the distance, accompanied by a swarm of screaming birds, whose noises suit the distinctive musical track, the mood is really special.

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We go through perplexing labyrinths as viewed through the heroine’s eyes, frequently returning along the route to access previously blocked pathways and hidden spots. We face obstacles in the shape of traps and beasts all around us. We can move in all four directions, but we can only see what is directly in front of us. During the combat, we may be encircled by the enemy and compelled to face each monster since this is the only method to attack – similar to dungeon crawlers. Swinging your sword requires you to move your finger across the screen. Hitting exposed opponent spots deals damage as well as charges the focus bar, allowing you to chop off the beast’s limbs in the final phase. Simple and repetitive skirmishes rapidly transform into dynamic duels, compelling us to swipe across the screen swiftly, pivot to counter and stun quicker opponents, and dismember anything we can. Severed arms, legs, gouged eyes, and other components that formerly made up monsters now serve as materials for expanding a simple skill tree that makes Sasha a more effective fighter. It is worth noting that balanced gaming is never too easy, and even with improved development, it still demands focus and precise strikes.

Because of the auto-saving after each combat, defeat is not a bother. We’re never pushed far enough back to make losing bouts frustrating. Defeating bosses always grants you a new, one-of-a-kind talent that not only helps you in combat but also allows you to unlock previously closed routes.

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Severed is a fantastic adventure game based on classic dungeon crawling games, with an intriguing gameplay style and a one-of-a-kind audiovisual atmosphere. The only drawback is that the playtime duration is a little too short, leaving you unsatisfied – it’s a shame to have to go with such a superb production after seven hours of enjoyment.

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