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Elex 2 Review

(Image from Steam Game Page)

It is tough to locate an aspect of Elex 2 that is upgraded and inventive from start to end. It’s not even about the game’s technical shortcomings. On the contrary, it contains relatively few errors and glitches for such a large title, but it is easy to get the impression that the limited budget and capabilities of such a small team prevented Piranha Bytes from creating a production that would allow Piranha Bytes to break away from the common opinion of producers of games with “wooden” animations and clunky animations.

Elex 2 picks off where the original left off, and not only in terms of the major narrative. Jax flees to the middle of nowhere after fighting the Hybrid. His attempts to bring the warring groups together and prepare them for the impending threat fail. After a while, Celestial invaders come on Magalan. The main character, together with Adam Dawkins, will attempt to rescue the planet once more. The narrative of the second section of Elex is uninteresting and takes a long time to get underway, despite meeting genre criteria. It’s multi-threaded, has a few twists and turns, but it also has a lot of repeated missions where we’ll run throughout the planet killing hundreds of monsters.

(Image from Steam Game Page)

Side missions are somewhat more enjoyable. Some of them are really well done, and some of our decisions have an influence on the globe. Many decisions, however, are illusory, and no matter what we do, the ultimate effect will always be the same. As a result, you may be unhappy that the developers did not exhaust all options and did not build a universe in which we would believe that all of our decisions had a meaningful influence on the environment. The partners with whom Jax may travel were a major part of the gameplay in the first iteration of Elex. This time is no exception. While the objectives of the allies are tedious and repetitious, the conversations between the main character and his pals are entertaining. We acquire our friends’ trust gradually, especially when they progressively open up to us. The most fascinating talks in the game are probably Zoza’s regular temper tantrums and making Drab realize that he is being exploited by his employer.

Combat still entails attacking your opponents with weapons and ducking at the appropriate time. This component of the game has remained largely unchanged. We still have ranged weaponry and magic available to us. Shooting with an energy weapon or a crossbow, on the other hand, appears to be merely an addition, and we normally utilize it only when flying foes come in the skies. The visuals, which are, let’s face it, horrible, contribute to the game’s overall negative image. Forest and mountain landscapes are still fighting for survival. However, when we reach the wilderness or snow-covered places, we get the idea that the game was designed with the goal of being released on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The animations of characters and adversaries, on the other hand, are the worst. Moving and attacking units lack naturalness. Despite a wide diversity of creatures, we notice the same motions. When we confront a formidable opponent, we may be certain that it will try to trample us, whether the monster is referred to be a cyclops, a behemoth, or a troll.

(Image from Steam Game Page)

It’s worth noting that, like the previous portion, Elex 2 features a full Polish language version. There can be no complaints about the translation, which is done accurately. The game’s vocabulary is full of vulgar terms, and the translators chose various epithets that hostile individuals hurled at Jax each time. It’s unfortunate that the creators didn’t put in more work and prioritized quality over quantity. Shortening the tale and removing repetitious missions may allow you to focus on fine-tuning the most visible issues.

Even the most basic gameplay feature, the controls, has been broken. To begin collecting goods, we must first conceal the weapon. This makes it tough to navigate the landscape, as we encounter foes on occasion, necessitating the constant use of our weaponry.

It’s simple to believe that Elex 2 was built primarily for players who loved the original installment’s assumptions and world idea and aren’t frightened of any flaws. The developers depend on their expertise and traditions, leaving the heart of the game same and changing little about the game’s structure. As a result, Piranha Bytes does nothing to entice new gamers to appreciate its output.

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