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Risk of Rain Review

Kickstarter’s excellent repute is due to initiatives like Risk of Rain. With barely $30,000 to work with, the two-person Hopoo studio built a game that will keep you captivated to your screen for hours. The primary character is a survivor of the UES Contact Light transport accident. Hundreds of creatures transported aboard the ship arrived […]

Dark Review

Dark depicts a grim world dominated behind the scenes by savage vampires. The solemn tone is maintained until the first discussion, which lasts five minutes. Later on, it becomes hideous. We know nothing about the main character at beginning. Eric Bane has no idea who he is, how he got to the Sanctuary nightclub, or […]

Little Inferno Review

Who wasn’t enthralled by fire as a child? Who hasn’t attempted to set fire to their sister’s doll or their brother’s teddy bear? And now we have the option of burning whatever we choose in a massive virtual fireplace. Little Inferno refers to the irresistible desire to play with matches that exists in every youngster. […]