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Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword Review

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The makers of Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword were not afraid to experiment with both the shape and the control scheme of this new game, but it wasn’t. The motion controls on the Wii were more boring than exciting at times, and the little details, unmistakable cutscenes, and dialogue caused some individuals to skip this title. The HD version is not just graphically better; most of the original’s flaws are no longer an impediment to finding one of the series’ most intriguing episodes.

The narrative is about the residents of Skyloft, the soaring metropolis, who live in this location since the surface below the cloud band is only a legend and – contrary to common opinion – there is nothing there anymore. Link, one of the young inhabitants preparing to become knights who can fly over the sky on bird steeds, gets involved in an accident with his childhood friend Zelda. During the twilight flight, they come upon a mysterious, black vortex, which draws the girl in and causes Link to collapse. It rapidly becomes clear that the tornado was not a natural occurrence, and Zelda was most certainly kidnapped. Link miraculously obtains the goddess’ sword, in which the helpful spirit Fi lives, and goes on a series of adventures beneath the clouds to save Zelda and find that the world “below” actually exist and that the battle against evil has only just begun.

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The tale hasn’t altered in any way from the original, but it didn’t need to. It is not very long, and the side narratives and episodic characters are more of a pleasant distraction than a hardship. It was annoying not to be able to interrupt or speed up speech, but that has been fixed. We may speed up the presented lines and switch off the cutscene at any time. The entire setting of Skyward Sword – both the music and the distinctive character modeling style – is something that stands out from the rest of Link’s adventures and is worth getting to know. A lovely soundtrack recorded by a symphony orchestra is also something that is difficult to ignore. The first little but visible changes involve, for example, the displayed description of the picked up object, which formerly showed every time the hero grabbed for anything and now appears just once, when we find something entirely new. The indications of the Fi sprite, who has always been with us, are now just optional, which decreases the amount of distraction from the assistance interrupting our game. At addition to higher-quality visuals, the HD edition offers gameplay at 60 frames per second, which is noticeable during the game. However, these modifications are minor in comparison to the original. It’s because of the controls.

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Game autosaves are also a novelty, the usefulness of which is only realized after some time has passed. Skyward Sword contains riddles and levels that you may fail to complete the first time, and being able to replay quickly after failing rather than running from your last save point is a major benefit. You can see that the developers considered all of the factors that may lead to irritation and attempted to eliminate them. The choice to limit the ability to easily move between the surface and Skyloft in the Amiibo figure, which you must purchase, is not a good one. Of course, you may play and use special transfer points without it, but knowing that some upgrade was paid for with extra money is nasty.

Given the enormous number of enhancements and fixes that enable you to freely explore one of the most original versions of Link’s adventures, it’s tough to regard these flaws or corporate decisions as severe issues. This game would be much better without them, but it doesn’t change the fact that it’s not worth your time right now. On the contrary, it is worthwhile to devote attention to it right now. Skyward Sword, despite some linearity, has a lot of variation and mechanics. You might even argue that the HD remake arrives at the perfect moment, since it is not only a game worth checking out for those who did not possess a Nintendo Wii, but it also serves as a fantastic appetizer before the imminent sequel to Breath of the Wild.

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