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BattleBlock Theater Review

The Behemoth studio’s Tom Fulp and Dan Paladin demonstrate their newest meal for cats. BattleBlock Theater is a delectable serving of weird jokes, furry tyrants, and player-created theater plays. This is the essence of the flexibility afforded by developing independent games that experiment with not just audiovisual settings, but also gameplay mechanics. The entire narrative […]

Gunpoint Review

Richard Conway is a freelance spy with a difficult existence. As is common in his line of work, he occasionally grabs for a weapon, breaks into a secure building, or takes important data or objects. He also occurs to tumble out of a sixth-floor window. And live to tell the tale. The protagonist of Gunpoint, […]

Defiance Review

Combining a television series and an online action game, both of which are available on three platforms, into a cohesive whole is a bold assumption and an intriguing concept. The Trion Worlds product is a particularly odd representation of the genre. The developers’ main premise was that we would not notice we were playing an […]

The Bridge Review

The Bridge is a puzzle game that will test your reflexes and fast thinking abilities. It’s a unique narrative concerning the fate of a scientist without students. His strolling about the bizarre mansion compels us to explore with gravity while deceiving our senses with visual illusions. I rapidly fell into the game’s creative trap, but […]