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Fallout 4 review

(Image from Steam Game Page)

Fallout 4 is a better and more engaging sequel to Fallout 3. This is undoubtedly a sufficient recommendation for millions of gamers worldwide. The story is better than the last Bethesda entry, but the prologue and the early minutes in the post-apocalyptic world appear to be out of sync with the real gameplay. I won’t go into detail, so I’ll just say that we wonder for a time how easily our guy accepts his condition and, in the blink of an eye, is no different from everyone who lived many years in the post-war world. Because the developers did not prepare two versions of the introduction, the beginning of the adventure is also a little unusual if we play as a woman. We hear a man in it, a veteran soldier. We are not battle-seasoned when we play his companion, yet we sprint in supporting armor and kill bandits quickly after exiting our pre-determined tomb. It must also be noted that the tale moves too slowly, which is unfortunate because it intrigues despite being unoriginal. When we get in Boston, things start to get weird. However, on the journey to the city, we are distracted by the surroundings and other activities, which is a feature of open-world RPGs.

The main narrative ensures some unique adventures, but the side missions are far more exciting. For starters, it is typically more difficult to foresee how things will finish. We locate a number of them, and they lead to all regions of the Commonwealth – the area around Boston is known as that. Of course, there are chores conducted for various groups in which we can participate. Bethesda is still incapable of writing intriguing dialogue. I couldn’t recall any of the exchanges or talks that occurred once I began “clicking through” at a particular point. It’s the same with the supporting cast; just two of the companions are very engaging. Companions do their duties. It’s always good to have someone to assist us and, more importantly, to carry our valuables. Some are less beneficial in fighting than others. However, everyone suffers from weak AI at times. They take unusual routes, running directly into the arms of suicidal mutants or into flames. The new communication system, which is inspired after the solution from the Mass Effect series, may also be annoying at times. We no longer witness whole sentences spoken by our hero, only phrases or words. Sometimes they’re just too broad, and it’s difficult to figure out what we’re trying to say. Atom deserves credit for the ability to save rapidly throughout discussions.

(Image from Steam Game Page)

The gameplay in Fallout 4 hasn’t altered much, but Bethesda has made significant improvements. Everything is more polished, shooting is finally more pleasurable, and there are new aspects that fit together wonderfully. We have always had unlimited freedom of choice. We perform the duties in whatever sequence, but nothing prevents us from just wandering, exploring, moving forward, and seeking for adventure. Because you never know what to anticipate from a hostile planet, exploration is the most exciting activity here. The most emotions are elicited by unintentional events. When we hear the sounds of combat and rush to the location to join the Brotherhood of Steel in their struggle against super mutants, or when a mini-boss arrives. Even if we visit an average residential complex or another police station, discovering unexpected regions is a lot of pleasure. We won’t always uncover anything worthwhile, but the thrill of discovery is enough. The game’s major strength is that we engage in an endless journey that we lead ourselves. The fact that the shooting was done properly in the end adds to the pleasure. Even if you don’t use the precise aiming mechanism to target certain limbs, knocking down adversaries with various weapons is enjoyable. A wide arsenal is advantageous. We can have numerous toys with us at the same time, thus we can start the combat with a sniper rifle, then switch to a laser pistol, a shotgun, and eventually a rocket launcher.

Of course, perks, or passive skills that we pick after reaching the next level of experience, have an impact on the damage. Statistics like as intellect, charisma, strength, and so on affect how many abilities from various categories are accessible. If we want to select the best perk from the agility column, we must first spend points in it. Many skills merely boost the force of punches or gunfire, or provide access to more complex locks or weapon upgrades. There are also additional series-specific bonuses, such as Mysterious Stranger, which causes a guy in a trench coat to emerge and shoot at the adversary on occasion while utilizing VATS aiming. However, one crucial feature remained missing: the option to reclaim wasted points. If, after dozens of hours of enjoyment, we decide that we’d want to concentrate in a new area, we just have to work hard to unlock extra abilities at the next level. We will also employ power armor many times throughout fight. This is one of the more unique and well-executed ideas in Fallout 4. We acquire it on the first genuine mission, and it stays with us after that. It provides additional protection and load capacity, as well as being an excellent radiation barrier. Armor is fueled by specific cores that deplete over time. We find more and more often as the game goes. However, we can repair and enhance the steel suit at our base.

(Image from Steam Game Page)

A few specific issues emerge as a result of the creators’ approach to translating specific game aspects. For example, hacking works similarly to Fallout 3, but if you have never played this game, you will have no clue what it is about. In reality, we are not even notified of the VATS targeting system’s existence. The growth of our towns is one of the surprises. We obtain a rather comprehensive tool that allows us to build a variety of items in a certain region, ranging from water pumps and beds to huts and homes, protective turrets, and powerful generators. Although it is not strictly essential, supervising the settlement might take a long time. We may disregard this feature entirely if we aren’t interested in it, which we may be – especially on PC, where the building mode controls are clumsy and unintuitive. The notion of improving our weaponry is also a fantastic inclusion. Because of that, even the first gun can serve us for a long period. This time, as with every Bethesda game, there were technical glitches. They can go out of whack at times. I got locked in a table in one mission, noticed a peculiar texture in the sky in another, and a character vital to the continuation of a specific tale was sitting comfortably at the bottom of a lake in another.

In terms of technology, the luminaire is not a strong feature of this project. For some reason, the authors do not want to ditch the old technology – it is probable that the base construction component was easier to integrate on this engine. The facial expressions are likewise out of date. Fortunately, a creative vision saves the entire enterprise. The world is nearly flawlessly created. Everything appears to be in order, allowing you to blend into the experience. The game’s realism is enhanced by the daily cycle and changing weather.

Without a doubt, Fallout 4 is worth suggesting. This fantastic game has something for everyone – it’s an excellent and engrossing creation. It’s a shame Bethesda didn’t dare to tweak the gameplay concept any more and is still incapable of dealing with technological difficulties.

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