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Tiny Tina’s Wonderland Review

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Tina’s fantasy world adventures were one of the most intriguing Borderlands 2 additions. Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands is both a continuation of the tale of the girl’s universe and a stand-alone game. The overall result is favorable, albeit there is much that is lacking from the ideal. The new shooter lets you to design your own hero from the ground up. The character designer gets credit since he or she created one of the components that best depicts the ambiance of “tabletop” RPG games. The range of faces and accessories allows for the creation of outlandish characters. This is a huge difference from the original, and it’s intriguing enough that I’d like to see the same option in standard Borderlands editions. We have six classes to pick from in addition to the ability to decide the look. Each is a spin on a classic archetype like mage, barbarian, paladin, rogue, necromancer, or hunter. Although the skill trees are drastically reduced, there is a greater selection than the main series games. The restriction of skills is connected to the later game’s ability to mix classes. Multiclassing is an intriguing concept with a lot of potential for mixing with builds, adding even more color to the fun and personalization of the hero.

The classes themselves differ greatly from one another. It’s still a game in which we run, shoot, and collect loot, but the profession we choose has a huge impact on the gameplay. A mage who casts spells and converts foes into sheep resembles a more traditional gameplay style than a berserker whose special attacks are focused on combat and melee weaponry. Melee weapons are a welcome addition to the series. We can swing axes, swords, scythes, and other such instruments, and each piece of equipment, like weapons, has its own set of random stats, bonuses, and passives. Fans of ranged combat will likely notice little difference, while melee combat fans will have a great time. The remainder of the equipment has also been modified. In most situations, firearms have been revitalized and modified to meet the medieval atmosphere. There are no grenades in Wonderlands, as they have been substituted by spells, and this is an intriguing approach. There are several spells available, and everyone will find something that suits the constructed hero. Spell effects are also spectacular, ranging from fireballs to magical force barriers and hydras that discharge numerous missiles at opponents.

(Image from Steam Game Page)

The remainder of the equipment is separated into armor, rings, and amulets, each with its own random attributes that passively impact the player’s overall performance. Armor is another excellent option because it alters the character’s look. Such hero customization should exist in Gearbox shooters for the foreseeable future. Aside from the aforementioned innovations, the gameplay is mostly identical to the old Borderlands paradigm. Wonderlands is plagued by the same issues as the third installment in the main cycle. Problems with loading graphics, occasionally weird animations or game physics – all of this indicates that the Borderlands 3 engine should be retired. The system for generating guns and accessories at random also malfunctions at times. Two poppers with different stats have differing power levels. The omission of this in the item’s characteristics is something we’ve never seen before in the Borderlands series. The creators did not provide us with an expansive world to replicate the spirit of the “table game.” We wander from location to location, and the space between them is a model designed by Tina herself, complete with improvised embellishments such as matchstick buildings and bottle cap bridges. We navigate about the area with a caricature miniature of our hero, and random fights erupt in high grass, much like Pokemon. The absurd small world is full of side diversions, but the great bulk of them involve fending off waves of attackers in a randomly created arena. This is a method for gaining additional experience, however it is so repetitive and generic that it becomes tedious after a few attempts. Furthermore, the makers obviously thought that it may be tedious and enable you to cancel any such fight before it begins. Because the creators expected that these fights would be uninteresting, was it preferable to abandon them? The issue of boredom arises several times throughout the game – there are many scenes that are unnecessarily prolonged, such as sequences of running after an independent character to a specific point, with no exciting events along the way, or simply listening to someone tell us something too obvious with pathos. Borderlands 3’s story segments were more logical.

(Image from Steam Game Page)

Of all, the narrative is a pure copy with no panache. Tina guides us through the tale, which she continually adapts and improvises on the go, which is both an amusing trope and a source of little discomfort. The plot isn’t the most ambitious, and neither is the comedy, which retains the level of Borderlands 3 – it’s intended to be hilarious, but after seeing the second half, I know it can be better. If you’re expecting heartbreaking scenes as in Tiny Tina’s: Assault on the Dragon Keep, you’ll be disappointed. Despite its low-budget B-comedy overtones, the game is acceptable due to its outstanding cast. Andy Samberg from Brooklyn 99 or Will Arnett the voice of the TV series Bojack Horseman perform each line so well that they frequently save the typical game scenario. It’s worth playing Wonderlands just for them. Given the excessive durations and the fact that side activities become tedious soon, it’s worth thinking if the game is presently worth the full, premiere price before purchasing. Twenty hours is a little amount of time for this series, and the further sessions and locations will be paid extensions that we will have to wait for.

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands is a game intended for Borderlands aficionados, but it won’t persuade anyone who hasn’t already enjoyed its distinctive gameplay paradigm. The novelty are intriguing and clever, and pleasure may be had, but the adventure will not remain with us for long.

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