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PayDay 2 Review

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Payday 2 is an excellent substitute for policemen and robbers. The sequel is a huge success, yet it is far from flawless. It provides immersive gameplay and lets you to experience the mood from the film “Heat” starring Robert De Niro and Al Pacino. Dallas, Hoxton, Chains, and Wolf, the heroes of the first installment, returned to work. After a two-year hiatus, they donned their clown masks and returned to a life of crime. They have more activities this time, but also more opportunities. It would be good to write anything about these individuals’ backstories, but there isn’t anything to write about because Payday 2’s storyline is restricted to descriptions of particular tasks. We also don’t get a regular single-player campaign, but instead a series of activities in which we take on the role of one of the four bandits. We select tasks at our leisure from a pool that becomes larger as we level up. Activate the Crime.net system from the main menu and watch as new tasks emerge on the city map. We instantly note that there is more variation than in the original. We can go straight to the jeweler, but we may also participate in a multi-stage scheme involving the theft of artworks and their transfer to the customer.

Of course, in Payday 2, we are mostly concerned with money. We spend our hard-earned money not only on numerous types of weaponry, but also on weapon accessories and character customization. Furthermore, before each operation, we may purchase fresh information, such as camera positioning in the following mission. We also invest money in learning new talents; spending an experience point is insufficient. The talent system is a new addition to the game that provides specialities that can alter the path of missions. Gaining levels in the “Technology” tree will allow us to finally deploy a sentry gun, and acquiring the “Ghost” profile will teach us how to open windows discreetly and quickly, among other things. The inclusion of four skill groups gives additional methods to execute tasks, depending on the team makeup. Payday 2 is not about cunning thieves. Although gunfights may occasionally be avoided, in many missions we must draw the trigger. We frequently have to wait for a safe to be unlocked, a computer system to be hacked, or transportation. The exchange of fire normally follows. It must be said that the creators did a good job of recreating all sorts of firearms. The first episode of the series gave the sensation that you were carrying a paper pistol in your hand. In the sequel, there is no such issue.

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While the shootouts are well-executed, they are the least entertaining aspect. The low degree of artificial intelligence has a significant influence in this case. Police personnel frequently act like zombies, acting rashly. Negotiations or extremely cautious measures by law enforcement agents as a result of the presence of hostages? Unfortunately, Overkill Software did not have this. Too often, the game devolves into horde mode, in which we bunker in one chamber and slaughter hordes of special police forces. At times, it appears like the creators did not have enough time, finances, or both for the finishing touches. We can’t hit an opponent standing behind a regular police car window, we can’t lock the door, and there are occasionally technical issues. Despite these flaws, Payday 2 may be a lot of fun – especially in an online game with actual people. One of the missions I played with strangers involved breaking into a jewelry store from the backyard and emptying the safe in the rear. Later, we removed all of the items from the display cases and transferred eight bags full of valuables to a neighboring car parked without setting off any alarms. Excellent entertainment and a valuable experience.

(Image from Steam Game Shop)

Emotions are always assured regardless of the work. A little unpredictability is beneficial. The key to the door is not always in the same hand, guards are stationed in different locations, citizens may act differently, and the automobile that has to be evacuated is parked on the opposite side of the building. The continual sense that anything may go wrong contributes to the overall tense mood, which is accentuated by the wonderfully matched techno soundtrack. Meanwhile, like with the first game, we will not gain much by playing with artificial friends in the continuation. They only do one thing: they follow us. Although the makers have said from the start that they are making a cooperative shooter, it is unfortunate that this aspect could not be polished more. Fortunately, joining other players’ games is simple, straightforward, and convenient. During your playthrough with Payday 2, you may be really fortunate, as I was, in terms of gaming friends. I only encountered novice gamers once. Aside from that, in most missions, at least one person utilized vocal communication, and the rest basically did what they were told.

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