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Insurgency Review

(Image from Steam Game Page)

When dynamic and spectacular games dominate shooters, it’s great to have a dose of reality every now and again. Although not ideal, insurgency is an excellent option for someone who like to consider before acting.

There is no storyline arc in this story. We’re dealing with an online shooter, and the developers haven’t included a single-player mode. We take part in a fight in the Middle East as representatives of local insurgents or American military. The environment doesn’t help Insurgency stand out. This objective is mostly completed via the gameplay, which is unforgiving of mistakes and necessitates a shift in habits. Although the degree of realism is not similar to that of the Arma series, the title’s early impressions may turn off unskilled gamers. We instantly note the absence of various components that we are used to seeing in comparable games, such as the minimap and the crosshair, after starting any match. We must memorize the layout of each location’s streets and buildings, and a burst from the hip is only useful when the adversary is quite near.

(Image from Steam Game Page)

One of the game’s strongest elements is the usage of weapons. Shooting is both enjoyable and hard since the recoil and strength of the shot are so well matched. Of course, not much is required to eliminate the objective. One shot to the head will suffice; damage inflicted while shooting at the torso varies according on the opponent’s vest. There is seldom a circumstance in which the opponent rises up after three or four hits. The most striking aspect of the exchange of fire is how modest the surroundings are. The interface is not cluttered with irrelevant information regarding future milestones, badges, and kill streaks. The game doesn’t even tell us whether we’ve hit an adversary. We don’t know who shot us when we die. This simplicity and lack of showiness allows you to concentrate entirely on the aims of the game, and the minimalism complements the severe environment. When we start a conflict, we select one of several potential roles; the weaponry we have access to are determined by this choice. We always have a set quantity of resource points available to us, which we use to outfit our character with weapons and gadgets. If we invest the whole pool in one weapon and attachments, the resources will be insufficient to purchase a gun, grenades, extra ammo, or armor.

Inattention is swiftly punished. We can shoot an ally if we act too quickly – the markings over our partners’ heads are only visible when they are near to us. We must always keep our eyes peeled. We die soon, and in most circumstances, the loser is the one who was first spotted by the opponent. The continual threat, even from unskilled coworkers, produces a stressful environment. Adrenaline and emotions are not limited to fast-paced arcade games, as Insurgency expertly demonstrates. Cooperation is rewarded in the production process. It is critical to communicate effectively. This is especially noticeable when other participants are attempting to use vocal communication. Taking good positions, defending partners, and giving insurance are typically the factors that decide victory. Unfortunately, we do not always have reliable players. Six game types have been planned by the developers. The struggle for control points is the most popular version on the servers. We must also accompany a VIP and plant or neutralize a device. Another option is cooperative battles against opponents controlled by artificial intelligence.

(Image from Steam Game Page)

The seven maps presently in production were built with something to hide behind at all times, as well as many approaches to the target. As long as we’re playing on a 24-user server, the size of each place is ideal. Not all maps have been designed to accommodate battles between two 16-player teams. The level design is stunning – Insurgency’s graphics level is equivalent to the first Modern Warfare, which was launched seven years ago. The game’s major issue is the network coding, which makes it hard to play even with slightly higher ping. While the values in other games are enough for seamless firefights, you can’t even move correctly here, much alone destroy adversaries.

The most popular online shooters have little in common with Insurgency. This is its main benefit and the reason it is in a niche. It’s not a true battlefield simulator, but it’s a refreshing change from arcade shooters’ gameplay. It is worth paying attention to, especially given the low price.

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