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Octodad: Dadliest Catch Review

(Image from Steam Game Page)

Octodad’s life is far from easy. You must maintain strong connections with your wife and children, keep your house and yard clean, and avoid the crazy cook who wants to divulge our secret to the rest of the world. What is the secret? Our hero, on the other hand, is an octopus. He was always. To avoid losing all he has fought for, he must continuously ensure that no one exposes him. But it’s not so simple when you’re a cephalopod dressed in a suit.

The fight to maintain appearances and not attract the suspicion of the entire world while conducting routine, daily tasks is the appeal and soul of this enjoyable indie game. Mowing the grass, making your morning coffee, going to the grocery – all seem insignificant when you have tentacle-like, inaccurate limbs instead of arms and legs. The game’s beginning, in the form of the Octobachelor’s wedding preparations with his beloved Scarlet, teaches us the oddest controls in the world. It wonderfully depicts the daily difficulties of being an octopus pretending to be a human. By pushing the R1 or X button, we can move the character’s “hand,” move items around, and grasp them. Despite its apparent ease, gripping the handle and opening the door proves to be extremely difficult. Walking is likewise a difficult chore for octopuses. We tilt the knobs to take a step while holding one trigger, then repeat the operation while holding the second trigger. Simple? Wait until you come across a set of steps on the road or are compelled to sprint.

(Image from Steam Game Page)

The game doesn’t have to strive too hard to be amusing; the enjoyment comes from how we play and what occurs to us along the road. A quivering, jelly gentleman stuck in the construction of a children’s slide can make you laugh out loud when you find we were actually attempting to open the shed and get the lawnmower out, but our leg got lost. When a youngster, after multiple efforts, manages to pour milk into a glass without knocking over furniture or striking the rest of the household, it is a celebration of big-small accomplishments. It has the potential to make both the player and the viewer observing our struggles chuckle. Octodad: Dadliest Catch tells the narrative of one day in the lives of this exceptional family member. Octodad, his wife, and their children are headed to the municipal Aquarium. Once there, we must conceal our actual nature from scientists who can tell the difference between cephalopods and mammals – in this planet, putting on a suit and walking upright is not enough to persuade them. So we dodge inquisitive glances and slip behind their backs, while avoiding making too many embarrassing blunders in front of other guests. To make matters worse, the wicked chef Fujimoto has been haunting us for a long time and wants to disclose our actual identity to our loving and unknowing family at every chance. The trip concludes rather amusingly and cheerfully. The writing is not overly difficult, but it has several excellent passages that wonderfully show the story’s humorous innocence. If someone isn’t turned off by the sight of the gurgling father of the family, who is an octopus, he’ll probably have a good time till the conclusion.

Every time we act strangely in public, a unique “detection” bar at the bottom fills up. When you have no backbone and people are hurling banana peels and breakable things at you, this is an exceedingly difficult assignment. The diversity of levels enables us to engage in ridiculous behaviors such as disco dancing, squeezing through air vents, sliding on a ship’s wet deck during a storm, and playing air hockey. The multi-player collaboration mode may appeal to those who prefer tough, imprecise, yet entertaining controls. Dad may be controlled by up to four people at the same time! Each player is in charge of their own limb, and they all work together to complete all tasks in the game. This is a strange notion – though nothing surprises us in the setting of this game – and it may not absolutely ensure the possibility of successfully completing the entire adventure in this manner, but it will certainly create hilarity among all players.

(Image from Steam Game Page)

However, this is hardly a flawless production. Octodad suffers from defective camera functioning in addition to purposefully tough controls. With such an unfavorable movement model, controlling the view should be a little simpler, and it shouldn’t become stuck, making it harder to pass a selected component. I got stuck several times because of a stuck camera or crashed through floor textures soon after an automated save, forcing me to restart the chapter from the beginning. The odd tasks and unpredictable scenarios caused by our sloppy motions add to the comedy of this show. Octodad’s plainly poorer points are the courses that try too hard to imitate a standard adventure-platform game. Sneaking down tight beams with tricky camera work might raise your blood pressure, and the final encounter is overly similar of the old boss fight concept and fails to emphasize the game’s key strengths. Octodad does not have to aim to be a typical game in order to serve its goal.

Fortunately, the game is still engaging due to the nice layout of individual levels and interesting tasks consisting of common, easy chores. The duration of the entire journey – little over two hours – prevents you from becoming bored with the gaming model itself and appears to be optimum. Octodad: Dadliest Catch is a welcome diversion from more serious games.

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