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Worms Battlegrounds Review

(Image from Team17)

For many years, the valiant worms have fought unending wars. Some claim it’s dull, but the fact is that it’s not. Nothing beats sending an enraged super-sheep at your opponent or putting a holy hand grenade under his nose.

During following turns in this game, we assume control of individual players and undertake activities targeted at destroying the other team. Typically, each step finishes with an attempt to make an accurate shot with the available weapon, but you may take a more tactical approach – and plan your actions a few turns ahead – and plan your actions a few turns ahead. The multiplayer mode plays the first violin. If we don’t want to combat a live person, we should look into the tale campaign. Mesmer, a power-hungry worm, comes into possession of a curious relic that resembles a carrot. He gains control of the majority of the earthworms in the museum, which hides even more intriguing objects, thanks to his new abilities. Only we can prevent Mesmer from gaining complete control.

(Image from Team17)

The entire game is a series of puzzle tasks and brief conflicts that transport our worm team through numerous unique maps. We fight battles in prehistory, Japan, and an Aztec temple, among other places. A mystery guru guides us throughout the quest. However, because the game lacks Polish subtitles, those who do not speak English may struggle to grasp both the meaning of the campaign and the narrator’s verbal gags. The game is organized into four worm classes, as seen in Worms Revolution. So we have a conventional soldier, a smaller earthworm that does not set off mines and traps, a scientist who heals his squad at the end of each round, and a worm – a strong man with increased heft and durability at the price of slowness. Learning about all of the classes is really beneficial and expands your strategic choices on the battlefield. There are also 10 timed Spec Ops missions to test your ability and patience. These are quite intriguing difficulties from which we may learn a lot of things. The abilities you’ve mastered are most effective when used against live opponents. We can play locally with up to four people. The iconic Worms hot seat, i.e. the option to play with just one pad, returns. On their turn, everyone grabs the controller. The color of the team is also displayed on the pad, and we can hear the controlled earthworms’ screams through the built-in speakers. We may also play online in the “Battlegrounds” mode, where we can establish clans with other players and compete for ranking positions. A live opponent always presents a more difficult task and provides more joy from winning. However, tiny stumbling blocks in the form of connection delays might lead us to lose important seconds in our round. Sixty distinct items are available in the arsenal. We reach for series staples like banana grenades, concrete donkeys, and the good old bazooka. Water-based gadgets such as a water cannon or a jet-pack that shoots droplets everywhere can flood enemy troops and even “wash” them off the board. The new consoles’ power guarantees seamless gaming in all situations, thus there is no stuttering of animations, as there was in Worms Revolution when half of the map was submerged in water.

Two-dimensional maps, which attempt to appear three-dimensional by using the background, are not always extremely transparent. Many times, we have difficulties distinguishing between the place we are walking in and an aspect of the bright background. A lack of readability may be vexing. Especially when we lose one crucial worm in the struggle who, instead of going onto the platform, falls into the water and drowns. The colorful typeface used in the statistics summarizing the fight is likewise unreadable. For this, the editor deserves a giant thumbs up. We may establish an online clan, select a coat of arms, and name the team and individual worms. And you can dress up the pink troops with helmets, spectacles, wigs, mustaches, and even modify their small voices. We may also experiment with spatial layout and create skirmish maps. There are just five styles available, as introduced in the campaign, which appears to be a bit limited in comparison to the previous portions. The editor lets you lay out the whole battlefield, including the location of explosives and boxes. The game is characterised by a humorous depiction of the worm battle. Soldiers from the same squad can play “rock, paper, scissors” between rounds, and when we get close to the adversary, he makes hilarious expressions and keeps his eyes on us. The only thing lacking is the ability to automatically repeat exceptional deeds.

(Image from Team17)

Despite numerous enhancements and tweaks, the essence of the wonderful game from the 1990s remains. Four types of bugs and enormous environmental components provide some new strategic techniques while maintaining the fantastic, original gameplay paradigm.

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