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Entwined Review

(Image from PlayStation Store)

Entwined was revealed during the Sony press conference in Los Angeles on June 10 and released for PS4 the same day. The teaser hinted that we would be given a term that was creative and peaceful, such as Journey or Flower. The game, on the other hand, is not as original. Although uneven, it’s a quick and even enjoyable experience.

Pixelopus, a tiny design firm, offered a simple storyline. At the start of the quest, only one statement describes the plot: “Always apart, forever together.” We discover afterwards about the fate of two souls and their mutual love. We assist them in remaining inseparable. The gaming notion is as straightforward as the plot. We control two characters, an orange fish on the left and a blue bird on the right, who are continually dashing ahead through a small passageway. The player’s job is to direct souls to little fields that match to their hues. We also gather luminous, mystical balls. As we continue, we unleash the strength of oneness and speed to overcome the stage’s final barriers. The initial boards teach you the rules and are not extremely tough, but the subsequent ones can be taxing. Sometimes even too much, because we believe we make mistakes owing to an inadequate control model. The main issue is that we gradually become accustomed to the unique character management system. It can only be thoroughly learned after two or three hours. The game, on the other hand, may be completed in one and a half hours. The first encounter might be rather irritating, which has a detrimental impact on Entwined’s reception.

(Image from PlayStation Store)

The rigorous gameplay also does not match the ambiance or the allegedly profound, serious love narrative. We can’t concentrate on the pleasant environment if we’re clutching the joystick hard and attempting to aim at the appropriate fields. I didn’t experience the production’s enchantment or appeal; I couldn’t get to know her at my own speed. Only the transitional times offer a reprieve. We arrive in an open, somewhat huge place after each level. Our aim is to gather a variety of coloured balls, but we don’t need to worry about hitting any specific targets. We also have control over one character who was created by combining the souls of a fish and a bird. The visuals and soundtrack are probably the Pixelopus game’s strongest points. The vibrant surroundings are a delight to behold, and each following level provides a new palette of patterns and hues. The music precisely suits our pupils’ tempo and portrays their fluid motions. 

Although Entwined is a short game, it includes six tasks in addition to the campaign. These are unusual stages in which you must remain in the air for as long as possible. These levels, unlike story missions, allow you to fail. You just need to miss the correct box three times. Leaderboards compare our accomplishments to those of other gamers across the world. There were a few technical glitches. The game may occasionally freeze for a second or two. This happens just three times in a single mission. Freezing the animation, on the other hand, might disrupt the rhythm and produce confusion.

(Image from PlayStation Store)

Entwined’s authors had an intriguing idea, but something went wrong in the end. It may be enjoyable at times, but there is a disconnect between the lovely environment and the action, which can be unpleasant at times.

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