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Not A Hero Review

(Image from Steam Game Page)

Not a Hero invites players to take part in a bizarre political campaign in which they assist a specific rabbit in becoming mayor. We strive to persuade residents of an unorthodox candidate with a squad of oddballs, primarily utilizing firearms and explosives.

Bunnylord, our employer, has a simple plan: if we get under the skin of enough local crooks, we will achieve public fame. We steadily increase our superior’s reputation by fulfilling a series of assignments, such as blowing up a warehouse of enormous bees or collecting windmills for orphans. We undertake regular campaign tasks in our spare time, such as putting posters and turning on billboards. Not a Hero is an arcade platform shooter in which we have to burst into tenement buildings full of robbers while collecting treasures, ammo upgrades, and explosives. We see the action from the side, and the cover system, which enables you to safely reload your weapon while keeping track of the situation, is pretty unique for this type of gaming. Surprisingly, the ability to hide from a barrage of gunshots does not slow down the game. Enemies that are continuously moving may soon flush us out of cover, and side goals, which sometimes impose time constraints, imply we can’t stay in one area for too long.

(Image from Steam Game Page)

Death in Not a Hero is not a major stumbling block; the game merely returns us to the beginning of the level, resetting our progress on a particular map. It is important to remember that we will return to each place several times to accomplish extra chores. For this goal, we normally need to know every nook and corner and figure out the best way. Sometimes we have to jump between buildings, and other times we have to tumble through windows on succeeding levels, destroying adversaries and rushing farther. Controls that are well-thought-out and uncomplicated – consisting of only a few keys make extraordinary acts simple and pleasurable.

The developers do not enforce a single gaming style. Each of the heroes that you unlock as you go is unique. This adds a lot of diversity, but it may also be extremely confusing when we become too accustomed to one of the characters’ acts. The surreal comedy on which the universe and character of the big rabbit are formed is a crucial component of Not a Hero. Various weaponry, such as the Worms-inspired Cat Grenade, and PowerPoint introductions to missions may be entertaining, while the presentations can be lengthy and tedious at times. The pixel visuals are excellent, making the fights appear stunning, and the inscriptions on the walls of damaged buildings and billboards contribute to the game’s funny mood. The locales, which get more intricate and dynamic with each mission, make it impossible to dismiss the developers’ efforts.

(Image from Steam Game Page)

Not a Hero is immensely pleasant to play, with over twenty missions, nine characters to pick from, and fresh challenges, and the weaker gags are simple to ignore given the well-crafted total. This exciting and addicting arcade game will keep you occupied for hours.

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