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Just Cause 3 Review

(Image from Steam Game Page)

Rico Rodriguez returns to his native nation in Just Cause 3. He discovers the Medici Republic under the cruel dictatorship of the dictator Di Ravello, and even the most stunning vistas of the Mediterranean Sea cannot make up for the disasters that afflict the citizens.

The narrative is restricted to collaborating with rebels seeking to topple the tyrant’s power. The narrative is uninteresting in any sense; it is mostly formulaic and deserving of a B rated movie. However, given that the Just Cause series has always been about pure gaming pleasure, the predictable storyline does not detract from the game’s enjoyment.

(Image from Steam Game Page)

The primary narrative is redeemed by ancillary characters who are overblown in a hilarious way. We frequently recall the Saints Row series while getting to know the characters, where this component was likewise treated fully uncompromisingly. As a result, we can fairly claim that even if we start with an intriguing plot, which in this instance is far-fetched and even monotonous in sections, there will be a lot of benefits in the background. Rodriguez, of course, plays the first violin, and he once again employs tried-and-true series gear like as a grappling hook, a parachute, and now a wingsuit, or gliding suit. All intelligently employed gadgets help us forget about the option of going by car, boat, or helicopter. Moving without the need of engines is the most pleasurable experience.

Just Cause 3 relies heavily on gadgets. To a considerable extent, human imagination restricts the possibilities for completing a mission or destroying military sites. The most enjoyment is obtained by utilizing a rope with a hook, which is utilized not just to swiftly draw oneself to a specific item. A rope can also be used to connect at least two targets, including opponents. Rolling it up in this condition causes items to come closer, allowing us to watch exciting chain reactions such as explosions when a barrel collides with a combustible material or anything launching into the air after colliding with a racing automobile. We can manufacture a makeshift explosive slingshot because we can cover items with explosive charges. We may create comparable methods in the previous section, but the third section is far superior in this regard. The explanation is simple: Just Cause 3 has a plethora of different modifications to gadgets, weaponry, and vehicles. Combinations of alterations indicate that as we play more hours, we come up with more and more daring, but not necessarily more effective, ideas. They make us extra happier because the latest version’s environment is more full and creatively created.

(Image from Steam Game Page)

The height changes between sea level and the highest mountain are simply astounding, making any kind of travel intriguing and pushing us to explore. There are several side activities, towns to seize, and military bases to demolish, and the map stretches up to 400 square miles, so there is enough to do. If we want to complete the game completely, it will take several dozen hours. During this period, it is worthwhile to complete tasks, liberate outposts, and search for secrets since the prizes are important and helpful. Sometimes we’ll get a special improvement, and other times we’ll have access to a special vehicle. All of these accomplishments make it simpler to finish the main plot quests. Individual locale visuals and designs are also a motivation to play. only Cause 3 is one of the most visually stunning games of the year, and not only because of the turquoise sea water and vibrant flowers. The purity of textures, the movement of plants in the breeze, and the lighting effects all breathtaking. However, this does not coincide with game optimization, which can occasionally result in performance losses even on a more powerful machine. A few days before the launch, the game may also surprise players with faults such as disappearing automobiles, people that merge into their environment, or missing things. However, it is evident that the developers are addressing similar issues with successive updates; we expect that the majority of the issues will be resolved swiftly across all platforms. The driving model, on the other hand, does not appear to be particularly good. Of course, it is as skilled as possible, which is unsurprising, but while driving faster automobiles or two-wheelers, we have the sense that we are driving a concrete and insensitive structure rather than an agile vehicle. Although the distaste lingers, you can become used to it. Driving motorboats, boats, or helicopters, on the other hand, is a lot more fun.

Players in the Just Cause series have become accustomed to opponents with low artificial intelligence. The most recent version is no exception. Enemies are merely ignorant and pose a problem only when there are a large number of them and they are armed with formidable weapons. Taking control of or shooting down a lead-spewing helicopter is often straightforward and unsatisfactory. There are no online modes in the game once again. Their replacements are simply lists of various sorts of records that we may compare with our friends and gamers all around the world. These included the longest drifts, the most damage done, the most distance flown in a wingsuit, and many, many more. This is an intriguing innovation, but it will not replace even the most basic type of multiplayer gaming.

Despite a few flaws and a predictable narrative, Just Cause 3 will have you riveted to the screen for hours. This is one of the finest open world games ever published, with hours of relentless action and rewarding gameplay set in the magnificent environment of the Mediterranean Medici.

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