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Trackmania Turbo Review

(Images from Steam Game Page)

Trackmania’s return in grand style after the last installment’s experience was poorly thought-out through distribution mechanism. Turbo is a full package that offers many hours of entertainment on many routes.

The campaign includes of 200 tracks with medals available in bronze, silver, and gold. It’s uncommon to acquire the most valuable one straight away, but numerous efforts may be just as exhilarating as the first time at any particular level. Repetitions and returning to the beginning to complete a specific path again are a necessary aspect of the game. The most essential thing here is to smash records and run flawlessly. Crazy speed we frequently observe over 200-300 km/h on the speedometer the smallest error pushes us to restart. The game may be challenging, but in a unique and enjoyable manner. The sense of failure is reminiscent of the circumstance in Dark Souls, where the boss kills us just as we are about to complete him. We curse the game and the makers, yet we eagerly accept the challenge once more. As with all Trackmania games, the driving model is totally arcade. You may forget about realistic automobile behavior. We’re speeding down a straight line, only to enter a triple loop at the exit, lift off in the air on a jump pad, and blast inertly towards the rest of the segment such circumstances are common.

(Images from Steam Game Page)

This time, the creators have created four distinct settings, each with its own driving model. Canyon routes allow for stunning drifts, Valley routes transition from asphalt to mud, Lagoon routes enable us to drive upside down, and Stadium tracks provide a classic driving style and the most gripping automobiles. We only select body designs for cars that are assigned to specified environments. The race to set new records and set the fastest time in each stage is addicting. We are already profoundly engaged after only a dozen or so minutes, and we will not give up until we win at the very least silver. All routes are deliberately crafted, and nearly all of them surprise you in some way. They are also quite diversified. As we progress through the campaign, the difficulty level rises. Even the struggle for the bronze medal is difficult for some, but the gaming is so exciting that we are never disheartened. Of course, the sense of speed is heightened by seamless, trouble-free functioning at least in the PC version we tested. Although we rarely get to appreciate the vistas, the settings are detailed and the numerous graphic effects look amazing.

The online mode is still a significant – if not the most important – component of the game. To compete for the best time, we will establish or join other users’ racing series. When you compete against actual people rather than artificial intelligence, you have considerably more incentive to improve your outcomes. However, we cannot argue that we are competing with others. We only see the ghosts of the other participants on the journey, which is quite reasonable. Implementing a collision mechanism in online play at these rates would be exceedingly inconvenient and impracticable. When playing on a single screen with buddies, we can only enable collisions. A unique and intriguing feature is a mode for two players who, in Double Driver, take control of one car. We also get a comprehensive route editor, with which we may construct all of the levels in the game. There are several alternatives, and with little effort, we may create quite complex tunes that we can subsequently share with others.

(Images from Steam Game Page)

There are no private servers or mod support in the PC version. This is a huge disappointment for Trackmania enthusiasts; after all, the game has always been connected with computers, and customized fan servers have collected massive communities. We should also avoid putting our own music from the CD into the game. Trackmania Turbo would be the finest chapter in the series if the PC version didn’t lack certain components. Despite these flaws, the game is highly recommended to anyone who craves speed and isn’t frightened of a task that may be irritating one minute and enjoyable the next.

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