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Killing Floor 2 Review

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Killing Floor 2 is a well-received sequel. A little extension of the original version, on the other hand, resulted in a more sophisticated game that is ultimately more enjoyable.

The assumptions stayed the same. We’re still dealing with a standard shooter created with teamwork in mind. Monsters and mutants battle up to six players. There is only one goal: to eliminate everything that moves. It’s a shame that this basic idea hasn’t been further explored. The developers may have attempted to vary the game with extra objectives on at least some maps. They’ll undoubtedly appear sometime, at least in fan modifications, but they’d be beneficial right now. The entire movie boils down to nonstop combat, which is luckily wonderful. Killing Floor 2 has one of the most well-executed shooting systems. It’s a lot of fun to experiment with various weaponry. The sense of the shot’s force, the recoil, the animations – all of this has a significant influence on the amount of enjoyment. It is also important how foes respond to attacks – and this is really well developed, because creatures can practically crumble to bits. No other shooter provides as violent and thorough dissection of foes.

(Image from Steam Game Page)

Each game is made up of numerous rounds, with a minimum of four and a maximum of 10. In each game, we combat a growing number of mutants, as well as new varieties of foes. The monsters are appropriately varied, and we immediately discover that tactics must be tailored to the amount and variety of opponents. We spend the money after each round to restock our ammunition and buy new weapons. When they absorb injury, these monsters become more hostile. There are also exploding creatures and a few more powerful opponents who should always be your first priority. As a result, a suitable division of tasks is also vital – someone must look after the weaker units so that they do not distract the players who are concentrating on the stronger ones. It is critical to select a character class. It largely dictates the available weaponry, but as we progress and acquire experience in succeeding games, we can unlock perks that improve our battle effectiveness. The arsenal is vast, and there is no doubt that everyone will find something to their liking. Shotguns, grenade launchers, a sniper rifle, submachine guns, melee weapons, and a flamethrower are just a few examples – and they’re all a lot of fun to play with.

You also can’t complain about the amount of places. We are given various maps and explore city streets, the region around a house in the woods, hidden laboratories, and an Arctic research site, among other places. Because the game is linked to the Steam Workshop, we may also fight hordes on fan maps. Although the gameplay is unavoidably monotonous, it is nonetheless enjoyable, especially when played with a solid team. When we expect a surge of monsters in one area, we seal the doors and then, almost surgically, remove practically all of the assailants before they can reach us, blowing up bigger groups with explosives; such times are always exhilarating. Of course, it’s only that simple at first. Later rounds are frequently more chaotic, particularly if we do not use voice communication. However, chaos may be both fascinating and incredibly effective. Finally, after defeating all of the waves, we face the monster. Unfortunately, there are only two foes of this sort in the game for now: one that strikes with poison and may drain life energy, and another that possesses strong firearms. The second possesses a rocket launcher as well and retreats to recover health on a regular basis. Boss fights need extreme attention and precision. You cannot afford to throw away ammo. You must fire at vulnerable places while avoiding assaults. It’s a shame, however, because the next final opponents have yet to be named.

(Image from Steam Game Page)

Characters with more intriguing abilities would also bring a bit more variation to the game. Because they are all passive, they only have an effect on performance or statistics. Additional offensive or defensive talents that may be triggered throughout the game would be beneficial. The PvP mode, in which players compete against one another, is an added feature. Six of them play conventional characters, while the rest become mutants as certain sorts of monsters. It may be an amusing diversion, but managing the monsters is difficult and tedious in the long term.

Killing Floor 2 is a highly recommended, harsh shooter for those who enjoy teamwork. Despite the lack of various mission goals, shooting is so entertaining that it does not become tedious even after many hours.

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