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Gravity Rush 2 Review

(Image from PlayStation Store)

Gravity Rush 2 is a fantastic sequel that does not require prior knowledge of the original installment. Without looking back, we enter an entirely new universe. Various attractions entice us to spend hours experimenting with Kat’s gravitational skills.

It is impossible to deny that Gravity Rush presents an exceptionally unique universe. Humanity lives on floating islands, metropolises are developed with more independence thanks to air transport, and upper-class inhabitants can physically dwell high above the rest of us. It is a fictitious world in which the designers occasionally appropriately critique reality. The protagonist, a survivor of a weird gravitational storm, becomes a member of a mining town striving to live in a harsh world oppressed by the enigmatic Council. People struggle to make ends meet; they labor hard every day while also avoiding the menace of dark monsters known as Navi. The lives of airborne miners are not easy. However, as time passes, the quest takes unforeseen turns and brings the player to whole new regions. The tale is incredibly approachable, and its reception is comparable to that of a good movie or a comic book – the latter of which is mentioned in suitable moments from the first section. Kat’s experiences are something you’ll want to revisit, both because of the intriguing environment and the amusing and colorful individuals.

(Image from PlayStation Store)

The creators had a daunting task ahead of them. The initial part’s gameplay was largely just playing with a couple of Kat’s techniques, with little diversity. As a result, it become tedious over time. This issue is eliminated in this case due to a stronger attention on the displayed reality. All new and old talents become as natural as walking in Gravity Rush 2 and are no longer the major draw. It’s difficult to pinpoint the point at which we begin to regard the heroine’s mobility as a fundamental tool for achieving a goal rather than a device. All of the gravity skills are dependably entertaining. The lush universe of floating islands provides a multitude of side attractions that effectively divert attention away from the main quests. Instead of rescuing the world, we embark on another mining expedition in pursuit of rare talismans that boost power, put our talents as a newspaper delivery person to the test, pursue thieving magpies, sneak into guarded complexes, or play with a camera. A true sundries basket. The latter requires an Internet connection in order to display images to the community of other participants. We may also use photography to provide challenges and tips for those who need to uncover a prize concealed around the city. This type of interaction does not irritate us, but instead efficiently entertains and diversifies even aimless roaming throughout the environment.

Even elements that could be considered drawbacks in other games become less significant after you’ve mastered gravity skills. The sense of disorientation induced by the camera work fades away as we learn that the most essential thing is what is under Kat’s feet, i.e. in the crosshairs. We simply need to remember this relationship during a battle, chase, or escape to succeed, even if the camera is spinning. It was not easy in the first section, and despite everything, the player felt lost at points, and the camera did not aid even after stopping in one spot. Kat becomes a multitasking specialist in every subject after gaining new powers that decide the power of attraction. She takes on the roles of a mighty warrior, savior, fire brigade, wrecking ball, and a lunar gerbil in the game. To fully utilize her skills, we must spend a significant amount of time exploring and gathering gems dispersed across the environment, which we use to construct attacks, but this is not required in any manner. The combat model is originally developed sufficiently to allow for attacks from both afar and close range, without enforcing any fighting style.

(Image from PlayStation Store)

The game despises idleness. Each story task is a significant step forward in the tale, so there is always something going on. The only time we get away from attractions is when we start roaming across the planet between assignments. This is not unexpected given that the developers provide such attractive locations as a soaring oasis or a lonely apartment complex floating like a dirigible – it makes you want to investigate it up close and pull out your camera.

Gravity Rush 2 is a pleasant surprise. This is not a rehash of entertainment, but rather a deeper, more intriguing, more colorful environment to which you will want to return. Kat and her companions’ intriguing exploits are certainly worth seeing.

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