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Minit Review

(Image from Steam Game Page)

Minit is a game in the manner of The Legend of Zelda’s first installment, both in terms of gameplay and the viewpoint from which we see the duck hero. This game, however, is not only a faithful imitator, because the authors concentrated on an unusual diversity of the gameplay formula, which is both an attractive notion and can be disconcerting.

In Minit, we die every 60 seconds, almost from the start of the game, when the hero takes up the cursed sword. Then the true fun begins, with the continual rush and urge to solve issues as a natural part of it. You may sometimes defeat an opponent, but more often than not, you must solve an environmental issue discover a means to remove an impediment or unlock a door. Obtaining the suitable object is frequently required to fulfill a specific aim. Even a watering can may be used to provide water to a thirsty person in the desert.

(Image from Steam Game Page)

Of course, seeking for solutions necessitates regular retracing – returning to previously visited locations. However, obtaining the essential things or effectively removing barriers compensates for the minor annoyance you experience at times. Time constraints tend to boost satisfaction with issue solving. Because of the one-minute life constraint, the gameplay is peculiar. We swiftly assess the surroundings when we first visit an area, and on future occasions, we rush just to a precise spot, knowing exactly what to accomplish. Minit is, in some ways, a speedrun simulator. Which has its own set of drawbacks. The time constraint can be especially unpleasant when we want to ponder about a puzzle, even if just for a few seconds, or recall where we have before seen an item that we need – but we can’t afford it. We frequently have to go around unfamiliar places blindly, just to discover that we didn’t need to visit them at all. However, it’s not that awful, and you’ll shortly get into the swing of things. Especially since the game has a lovely mood with some comedy and well-chosen music. The environment is reminiscent of Atari products, so even when compared to other retro-style indie games, it gives the feeling of being ancient – which isn’t particularly stunning, but it does suit with the rest of the aspects.

The designers have created a story backdrop, which is tough to understand in detail. The narrative is pretty simple, but you can see the scheme of the factory that ruins the life of many people in the surrounding areas. After finishing the game multiple times, you may possibly attempt a deeper analysis.

(Image from Steam Game Page)

Minit is an enigma. Quite lovely, albeit not immediately apparent. A good option for individuals who value games over the necessity to complete challenges under time constraints. A must-have for enthusiasts of speedrunning.

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