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Hitman 2 Review

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Although small gameplay upgrades are insufficient to speak of substantial changes, Hitman 2 mimics the mechanics and concepts of the previous version, delivering numerous new difficulties, large areas, and excellent enjoyment. All of this was released in its entirety, without the usual episode divisions seen in the first season.

In terms of plot, the producers pick up where they left off in the last installment. The thrilling narrative depicts Agent 47’s history and explains the purpose of the hero’s many voyages. The concept is fascinating, but the way it’s presented in cropped static photographs with the occasional dynamic backdrop element is a letdown. The finale is completely satisfactory, leaving the door open for the future installment. Despite the fact that the game is continually building suspense and attempting to make the recipient feel the severity of the situation, the smuggled in comedic aspects – frequently situational – blend well with the plot, which has a serious tone. The introductions to following missions are superb; before each one, we learn about the objectives, locales, and events in depth. In this aspect, you can see how much effort the authors put into creating intricate and dramatic opening scenes that flawlessly introduce the player to the job and location’s environment.

(Image from Steam Game Page)

The autonomy in completing assignments is great. Extensive boards with an open structure provide a plethora of alternatives, elimination techniques, and combinations – no other game takes this approach to the theme of stealth games. Discovering fresh mysteries on the racetrack in Miami or the busy streets of Mumbai drives us to accomplish missions several times without becoming bored or monotonous. Numerous more tasks and accomplishments drive you to restart the game, and the experience points you earn unlock new devices, starting locations, and agency stashes containing secret treasures. The most enjoyable aspect is the multi-stage planning of killings. While wandering, we frequently eavesdrop on NPC discussions, which initiates special narrative missions that get us closer to the goal and provide us with unique possibilities to finish the assignment. Fictional extra activities not only facilitate mission completion, but also give knowledge about the game setting and characters. Learning all features of a certain event and its opponents necessitates playing the game several times, which is not a disadvantage.

Many possibilities are only available to us if we can adapt to our surroundings successfully. Agent 47 blends in with the crowd and obtains access to new facilities and resources by disguising up as a guard, doctor, sports mascot, or mechanic. Changing your clothes isn’t enough since there are controllers in each group who can recognize the disguised hero and raise the alarm if they get suspicious. Although there are a few errors, the artificial intelligence of NPCs appears to be decent. When we enter a banned location, we sometimes have the opportunity to withdraw without serious repercussions if we do so quickly. A crime committed in the presence of witnesses always has repercussions. We are instantly suspects when we are near a crime scene. You may be concerned about some of the targets’ actions. For example, after a rival died on the track in Miami, the businessman – the second target – was unconcerned by his daughter’s death and simply went about his business. The bald killer has long been known for his cunning in exterminating his victims, frequently employing non-obvious murder weapons. In Hitman 2, there is no shortage of lethal weapons – even a fish may be used to successfully shock an opponent.

(Image from Steam Game Page)

In addition to the traditional garrote and silenced handgun, the agent relies on what he discovers on the map, which may be knives or rat poison. There are several ways to finish jobs, and it is up to the player to determine which one is best for him. The greatest joy, however, comes from copying accidents. Mirrors, a new element in the game, hinder your maneuverability. Characters may see the hero’s reflection and grow suspicious, or they may raise the alarm immediately. The spy is able to vanish amid a dense gathering of people and conceal in the bushes once more. The legendary bag containing a sniper gun has also returned. The Phantom mode for two persons appears to be intriguing. Each player is tasked with removing five identical targets. Because the opponent is shown as a ghost, the rivals do not interfere with one other’s actions. The first person to fulfill the mission goal using just the tools on the board wins. The mode works well as a break between single-player missions, although it has some technical issues. There may be slight concerns about the setting. There are some graphical flaws – certain textures are of poor quality and visually stand out from the rest. Some animations were not handled well by the developers, and there are some flaws in the form of levitating bodies.

It was also feasible to avoid infrequent faults that produce illogicalities in story missions, although these are uncommon occurrences that may be resolved simply restarting the game. The ambient music is worth mentioning since it contributes to the mood, but it is unlikely to be remembered long.

IO Interactive has given gamers yet another exciting chapter in the exploits of a bald murderer. Hitman 2 is an excellent stealth game that, while it appears to be a major expansion of the previous chapter, promises many hours of wonderful enjoyment.

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