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Marvel’s Avengers Review

(Image from Steam Game Page)

Marvel’s Avengers has everything we love about cooperative action games, with the added bonus of a superhero setting. The developers did not strive to reinvent the wheel, instead proposing a quick and easy gameplay comprised of well-known and tested methods.

We’ve summarized the plot briefly in our beta test impressions. Overall, the narrative of the heroes’ breakup and re-assembly in the face of a fresh catastrophe is greeted well, although not with joy. It’s just a fun trip with a lot of jokes and references to comic book volumes, with no extra drama. From the start, Kamala Khan plays the first violin. The best choice is to tell the narrative from the perspective of someone who doesn’t know all of the team’s secrets and gradually realizes what it’s like to be a true hero.

(Image from Steam Game Page)

Visually, the game appears to be quite promising. The settings, each model, and the character’s attire are all quite attractive and contribute to the overall ambiance of the picture. It’s difficult to find fault with anything here, and fans of the Marvel mythology will undoubtedly appreciate the game. As the story missions develop, you may put each hero and his combat style to the test. We can choose the greatest player and then – in subsequent missions – assist other players in the designated role. Iron Man, Hulk, and Black Widow have the most unique combat techniques. The first has the benefit of being mobile and having the most devices. The second is a fast tank that provides the most joy from destroying anything we come across. Black Widow is a fast-thinking heroine known for her accuracy and swift approach to the adversary, as well as her acrobatic abilities. The others have certain skills as well, although their gameplay is less remarkable.

Skill trees seem to be restricted, and after we’ve unlocked all we need for a given gaming style, we see little reason to progress further, instead focusing on picking equipment that would amplify the specific impact we like the most. Although the gameplay is enjoyable, there is a sense of being out of control at moments. As soon as the opponents’ artificial intelligence detects us, it launches a barrage of strikes. We, on the other hand, rush into battle and may become disoriented and lose track of the mission’s progress. This may happen in multiplayer mode when one player is focused on fulfilling goals while the rest of us are instinctively battling a group of opponents encountered along the route. The game’s microtransactions are only for cosmetics – we may modify the hero’s look, add amusing emoticons, or player badges. It’s lovely to see the Hulk dressed in a Hawaiian shirt and hat, but it’s not worth spending actual money for, and it never will be.

(Image from Steam Game Page)

Other players can join the game after only a few introductory quests. Playing as a group is unquestionably more fun, and a well-coordinated squad can get a lot more out of each mission by exploring various maps and completing additional, hidden challenges. Connection issues are particularly troublesome in a game where the only motivation to keep playing after finishing the story is to accomplish team tasks. The narrative is quite brief, and continuing the game without living partners is an unappealing proposition. However, technological faults will very surely be fixed in the next days and weeks, and the game will almost certainly continue to be developed.

Marvel’s Avengers is thus geared at a certain demographic – it’s a game for comic book enthusiasts who want to have fun with their favorite characters in a variety of ways. Although no aspect of the gameplay was performed poorly, the final result lacked anything compelling that would take the title above mediocre.

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