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Far Cry 6 Review

(Image from Steam Game Page)

Ubisoft demonstrates that a theme of revolution with a spectacular, action-packed environment are a powerful mix that provides engaging experiences. Far Cry 6 defends itself as an intriguing and, most importantly, unique game. 

The story is set on the fictitious Caribbean island of Yara, which is controlled by the harsh dictator Anton Castillo, a vicious tyrant who destroys any kind of civic dissent. As Dani Rojas, we join the Libertad section of the rebel organization. We are progressively gaining control of the country and attempting to depose the governing fascist. The plot does not appear to be very unique, yet it benefits greatly from the novel form of storytelling. Far Cry 6 is far more cinematic than the previous installments. We watch cutscenes following missions to get to know not only the surroundings of the main character and his comrades, but also the tale from the perspective of Anton Castillo, who instructs his son Diego in the rules of being a “worthy leader of the nation” during the game.

(Image from Steam Game Page)

The main character – or heroine, if you want – now has her own voice and appears in cutscenes. This is a fresh approach to narrative in this series, and it is unquestionably a benefit. The contrast between silent heroes and flamboyant adversaries has always been bad. The shift of camera at the rebel camps, when we see Dani from behind, emphasizes the whole event. Far Cry 6 is not a game that will make you fall in love with it right away. The whole prologue, which takes place on a tiny island to introduce the game’s features, appears ridiculous, frivolous, and naively foolish. Already in the second mission, a trained alligator joins us, and a few seconds later, the insane rebel hands us Supremo, or extraordinary guerilla weaponry like a mortar backpack or a harpoon thrower. Too much happens too rapidly, and we presume this is how the entire game will play out. Of course, wacky inventions follow us throughout the majority of the game, but the missions spread over the main area and the faces of the three rebel groups that we must unify are far more engaging and restrained. This is one of the series’ most intriguing, if not the series’ most intriguing, storyline chapters.

Each party has a distinct reason and strategy for leading the resistance to Castillo’s reign. It is hard to mix together plain farmers turned partisans with veterans of the past civil war who live for battle. The third faction is made up of young people who have banded together behind charismatic musicians of their generation in order to combat government propaganda and more sophisticated opposition. Such variety also paints a fascinating picture of minority togetherness in the face of injustice. The setting of the action is significant. The Cuban-style country combines outdated automobiles and filthy tropical streets with contemporary technology, which is sometimes out of reach for average inhabitants. Yara is a fascinating place that is enjoyable to explore on foot, by automobile, or by horseback. While riding a mount through the forest, you may have the feeling that “it’s basically like Skyrim, only with a sniper rifle and grenades,” which is a huge praise. Yara is a joy to explore and appears to be the most fascinating map for the next few editions. The fundamental gameplay, i.e. shooting and creeping, is similar to prior games, so let’s look at what makes the sixth iteration stand apart. The first and most crucial component is extensible equipment. Shoes, pants, vests, and helmets provide benefits such as greater defense against particular types of bullets, speed boosts, noiseless walking, and so on, so we design a character based on our own playing style.

(Image from Steam Game Page)

It’s analogous to weaponry, which we may customize and improve with different ammo, silencers, scopes, collimators, and unique passive talents. The addition of components from hybrid shooters and RPGs transforms the approach to the game, making it much more expansive and inviting experimentation. The Supremo stated above has a lot of diversity since it also has unique attacks, such as a massive electric discharge that disables all alarms and cars, but it also includes a mobile mortar kit that allows one person to deal with the helicopter. The ability to conceal your weapon and explore the city “in civilian clothes” is the second major innovation. This allows us to avoid the army’s notice, get considerably closer to the objective, and carefully arrange an ambush. Most adversaries used to just shoot at us, but now we may avoid unneeded fights when we just want to look around. As we climb roofs removing a criminal dictatorship, while other rebels throw Molotov cocktails in the streets below, the city stages are also a big transformation and something that most creates the impression of a contemporary revolution.

Of course, there were the series’ usual foes, such as cars that loaded in front of us or helicopters that couldn’t even be heard but were already shooting at our backs. Although it does not represent a serious threat, this always disrupts the game’s mood. The AI should be better and not fall for the cheapest techniques in game history, but it has more intriguing movement patterns. Enemies frequently patrol the entire allocated region in turn. We go hunting again, fish, and watch cockfights. The latter are made with a lighthearted tone, and the whole environment resembles a famous fighting game, such as Tekken, although functionally it is a very simple mini-game. We are not supporters of unlawful animal fights or joking about them, therefore we spent more time obtaining and caressing animal buddies. Although one thing is certain: a rooster attacking a Yaran cop is a sight to behold. Far Cry 6 is a massive game. Many side activities and additional tasks successfully occupy time and divert us from the climax for many hours, and the potential to expand bases, equipment, and the consequent new benefits will keep us trapped on this island for an extended period of time.

The entire game should be playable in cooperative mode, however we were unable to test this before the premiere. Fans of collaboration, on the other hand, will be pleased with a series of new tasks that are both unique and fun. Their benefit is that there are no aid indicators, so we must carefully explore the maps and hunt for goals.

Far Cry 6 ages like a fine wine. The seemingly casual shooter evolves throughout the game, providing not only a plethora of exciting jobs to perform, but also an engrossing tale, colorful characters, and an intriguing finish. Strong first impressions are assured.

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