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Anarchy Reigns Review

(Image from Platinum Games)

The world will not be as we know it in the near future. People are steadily mutating into mutants that resemble killing robots, while terrorists are playing cat and mouse with the cybernetic police. The boundary between good and evil has grown hazy somewhere. Bounty hunters will go to any length to make money by eliminating targets. It is unusual for the client to desire the target dead. It was different this time.

Anarchy Reigns was marketed as an online, multiplayer fighting game, complete with action and explosions. That’s why I expected a narrative that would just serve as a backdrop for stunning online battles. How surprised I was to discover that I had been absolutely mistaken. We are given a decision at the start of the game: good or evil? It’s up to us whether we begin the journey as Jack Cayman, a former soldier and superb warrior known from Mad World, or as Leonhardt “Leo” Victorion, a member of the special unit about whom we don’t know anything at first. The storyline is straightforward; it all boils down to locating a mystery individual named Max. Everyone, however, is seeking for it for quite different reasons. Jack’s customer is Max’s daughter, who requests that the hero return her father to her. Leo, on the other hand, recognizes the unknown guy as his mentor and attempts to save him from the trash. As the game proceeds, the two tales cross, eventually leading to a shared conclusion. A campaign finished on only one side ends abruptly, and the game returns us to the beginning of the alternate character’s narrative. The urge to discover the finish lengthens gaming duration and removes boredom from the game. The game is separated into four areas in which we will experience not only a wrecked metropolis or a platform on the high seas, but also Asian atmosphere and desert sands. Each level features its own set of images and items with which we may interact. We will pick up certain items, destroy others, and some will lift the hero into the air, carrying him to the opposite end of the map. However, occurrences peculiar to each area, such as an air storm, a bombing strike, a wrecked truck, or a lethal laser, should be avoided at all costs. Each of them is extremely damaging, and you must do all possible to avoid them.

(Image from Platinum Games)

Each level is basically a large arena in which we may roam freely, but attackers attack from all directions from the start. They are feeble, but they occasionally escape to make space for more stronger mutants. The player earns points for each vanquished opponent, which allows him to access new objectives. Each site has six of them, three storey and three side. We obtain a medal for finishing the assignment that reflects the hero’s quality, quickness, and effectiveness. The more precious the laurel, the more points it is worth. The more points you have, the faster you can progress to the following assignment. The assignments are mostly dependent on encounters with the adversary. This basic gaming system, on the other hand, has been extremely well constructed. “Defeat” is a fairly tiresome objective. The duties obviously need inventiveness. In the game, we encounter a total of 16 characters. Each of them has their own weapon, flair, and personality. Their precision and variety are astounding, and the performers that voiced the characters performed an excellent job. Despite the fact that there are only two major characters, we will occasionally be able to lead other characters in battle based on an unexpected alliance. Particularly considering the vast majority of them will be defeated in battle, which is the primary component of story missions.

Anarchy Reigns is not an easy production, and we may face significant difficulties in keeping the hero alive at first. We will, however, learn to block strikes and accurately perceive events on the battlefield with time. We can die as many times as we like while exploring a specific place and defeating groups of opponents. This has no effect other than resetting the number of foes killed in one hit. In missions, the scenario is different, while there is no set quantity of lives. Sometimes we receive three chances, and other times the hero’s death ends in a dark screen with failure information. In this instance, we are obliged to repeat the job, which raises our blood pressure. It’s the same with internet gaming. A poor hero balance may soon become depressing. We don’t stand a chance against the finest as newcomers. And, as in life, practice is required to attain new heights. This is best gained by finishing the campaign, unlocking additional characters, and learning fighting skills. We compete against people from all around the world in 11 different modes. Starting with a conventional tournament, progressing to team deathmatch and flag theft, and finally concluding with football. They all differ to varying degrees, but they all have one word: concentration. When competing with other users, there is no time to savor the scenery or consider the plot’s intricacies.

(Image from Platinum Games)

Each character has two basic strikes that may be combined to form special move sequences. Furthermore, the heroes have individual weapons that deliver greater damage but have a limited usage period. The accumulating craziness bar, on the other hand, changes the scenario. We release all of our energy after filling, and because we are essentially immortal, we may utilize the remarkable equipment for a short period of time without limitation. Furthermore, the collected explosives and rocket launchers only add to the game’s pace and spectacle. In addition to the story and multiplayer modes, the game has a slew of perks that we may get as we move through the game. We have moveable, three-dimensional models of all characters, including their transformations and weaponry, at our disposal. Sketches from the game’s development stage reveal early versions of the characters and even unused areas. An artbook with all of these illustrations would be an excellent addition to a collector’s edition.

Anarchy Reigns is a pleasant surprise. Whether you’re searching for a fascinating tale or active, online entertainment, the title will keep you captivated for many, many hours.

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