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Anomaly: Korea Review

(Image From Steam Game Page)

Anomaly: Korea is one of the top mobile games for Android and iOS devices. It essentially avoids the issue of control – playing is most pleasant on touch screen devices. Well-thought-out gameplay in a fantastic auditory environment is a lot of fun.

Who would have guessed that aliens had invaded our planet? The green people have expanded throughout Korea, and in spite of humans, they have established bases and battle turrets everywhere. Our aim is to breach the enemy’s defenses and raze everything to the ground. To do this, we must concentrate on three things: planning the attack path, constructing the requisite troops, and continuously correcting and improving both. But that’s not all; there’s always something going on on the board. You must gather and employ unique abilities while also launching extra attacks in real time.

(Image From Steam Game Page)

We have a wide variety of vehicles at our disposal, ranging from rock-solid tanks to troops who trail the pack and build whatever we give them. The sequence in which we organize the team is critical. We will only ensure speedy work for the local scrap metal traders by putting a delicate rover in front. Within certain bounds of freedom, anybody may form a team, and arranging it all is a lot of fun – especially when we march across the board like a May Day procession, leaving no room for invaders. The gameplay hasn’t changed significantly since Anomaly: Warzone Earth, therefore the battle in Korea is more likely a collection of new maps than a fully new game. This, however, does not concern anyone because none of the twelve missions produced by the authors employ the same idea again. Sometimes all we need to do is go to the opposite side of the map. Other times, you must first eliminate the generators within a specific time frame, or you must prevent aliens from wrecking anything. It’s not always a smart idea to utilize all of your artillery, because the bad guys can use some things to their advantage, such as rebuilding the fortification.

Of course, there are some fresh developments. First and foremost, there’s the Horangi tank, which, after a few ordinary shots, lets the player to fire a destructive shell himself, instantly demolishing the turret. A big flamethrower arrived on the opposition side. Anomaly: Korea is technically flawless, and the title is more akin to console games than mobile games. Even on a little console, great sound and visuals leave a lasting impact. Despite this, the production is ideal for “portable” entertainment. A disaster is unlikely to occur if we do not stare at the screen for 5 seconds because we need to get up on the bus. It also does not need the same level of precision as shooters or platformers, which are notoriously tough to play on touch screens. Anomaly: Korea can only be criticized for two reasons: there are few new features compared to the original, and the difficulty level in the last task suddenly increases. It’s natural that you can’t play and prepare coffee at the same time during the last six levels. But what occurs in the last battle is complete anarchy. A few people may refuse to answer the phone. Fortunately, before each board, you may choose between easy and hard difficulty. Art of War is a different mode for genuine strong guys. These are a series of extremely brief, but devilishly difficult, specifically planned jobs in which you must continually juggle units and talents in order to succeed.

(Image From Steam Game Page)

Anomaly: Korea is a title that has been meticulously created for mobile devices in every way. It takes the basic idea from Warzone Earth to its logical conclusion, but it turns out to be even better.

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