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Grim Dawn Review

(Image from Steam Game Page)

In Grim Dawn, we see how a demon communicates with us through our bodies. He goes after a monologue, and we are kidnapped and imprisoned by the locals. We land on the noose after being dragged to the scaffold. The village chief cuts the rope at the last second, sparing us from certain death. We uncover the story of the dark and fallen planet of Cairn by playing the part of a man spared from death at the final moment. Two catastrophic powers have visited our earth. For one thing, human bodies are the ideal medium for developing and increasing their power. To hinder the expansion of opponents, the latter murders the residents of the power. Cairn is a large and gloomy place across which we travel via portals. There are no randomly produced places here, which is important. Locations may enchant with their beauty, much as the enigmatic world of Dark Souls does. It’s also a world where we’ll have to combat demons, zombies, shotgun-wielding goblins, fierce trolls, knights, and cowboys all at once. Quite an unusual combination, yet one that manages to gel into a cohesive whole.Without a question, we arrived at the island at the worst conceivable time. Houses were demolished and charred bodies were thrown around. Everything is in ruins here, the human race has been concentrated in a few zones, and it is up to us to decide if and how long it will stay on Earth. We’ll also rapidly discover that we’re not normal humans at all.

Notes, literature, and discussions with NPCs may all tell an intriguing tale. Although simple, it is not without complexities; there are shades of grey and occasions when we must make an urgent decision that will affect the fate of other characters. Nonetheless, although the tale is intriguing, the gaming mechanics clearly take centre stage. Grim Dawn is a classic Diablo-style action RPG, or hack n slash. In isometric projection, we watch the action from above. We strike foes by clicking on them and using unique skills that we assign to various keys. A few seconds after the game begins, when the character reaches the second level of experience, we identify his class by picking one of the six options. A shaman, who summons woodland creatures and employs lightning magic, or a Demolitionist, who uses bombs and shotguns, are two specialisations. We receive the chance to pick a second career a few hours after starting the game, when we reach the tenth level. In this method, we may create a two-class character with distinct talents for each of them. 

(Image from Steam Game Page)

If this isn’t enough for you, Grim Dawn now features a “Devotion” bonus points system. We will come with abandoned shrines while journeying across Cairn. We earn points when we “rekindle” them. We spend these on a different page, where we mark selected stars in the constellation on the sky map, gaining further talents. All of this means that character development must be carefully considered in order to efficiently withstand hundreds of zombies. It is worthwhile to devote attention to this element because the system is intriguing and vast, allowing us to design genuinely unique characters. The fight is lively and effective; every now and then, we are swamped with a swarm of opponents, forcing us to take a breather in an empty place. Defeated characters do not dump hundreds of useless stuff, but rather a tiny pool of useful items. So we have time to construct an adequately armed character rather than waste time looking through useless stuff. The difficulty level is unexpectedly low for the first few hours, but before we grow bored, we get access to new regions of the planet, and the task becomes increasingly harder. We begin to pay more attention to the assailants, but even then, the only true difficulty for a genre aficionado is the boss bouts. You must first finish the adventure on regular difficulty to access higher difficulty levels. However, we have the option of switching to a distinct Veteran mode at any moment. 

(Image from Steam Game Page)

The engine that drives Grim Dawn was previously used in Titan Quest. Despite the fact that it has undergone a number of renovations, it is clearly revealing its age. Yes, the game is visually appealing not just during the day, but especially at night. The dismal settings cleverly conceal the inadequacies in the visuals, although it is far from current. The worst part is the character animation. Because he swings everything around like a broomstick, it’s impossible to determine if the hero is wielding a two-handed sword, an axe, or another weapon. It’s also entertaining to witness large trolls run with the elegance of a ballerina, as though half the frames in the motion animation are missing. Importantly, while the game may not appear to be spectacular, it is fairly usual for it to encounter unexpected drops below 60 frames per second, even on a machine that much surpasses the necessary requirements. The creators still have a lot of work ahead of them.

Despite the technological flaws, Crate company has created a game that serves as an excellent “spiritual successor” to Titan Quest. Grim Dawn is a massively content-rich creation that will keep you entertained for hundreds of hours so I would highly recommend it! 

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