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Man Eater Review

(Image from Steam Game Page)

The ridiculous game about a massive and deadly predator suffers from overly simple gameplay and technological flaws. The game is about a man-eating shark that appears out of nowhere in the blue and takes us on a wild, unique journey.. We’re dealing with a fantastically amusing game that, unfortunately, doesn’t provide very high quality, both in terms of gameplay and technological aspects. Maneater’s plot idea is at the very least unusual. We are sharks, and our main purpose is to get revenge on the vicious hunter so we must start taking care of ourselves right now. As a young shark, we perform a variety of small jobs in order to get the essential experience for development. The first missions include eating fish or exploring so the game goes easy on us as we learn step by step, or rather meal after meal.

Unfortunately, the “combat” mechanism is limited and is the game’s main flaw. The fights revolve around pushing one button until the prey is devoured or runs away and then hitting the same button again. We also have a tail blow, but it is rarely employed in practice. The enjoyment can be hampered by the camera’s operation, which does not effectively block on the target and frequently hops between other creatures surrounding us. As a result, we end up attacking a target we didn’t even intend to touch, and instead of facing one opponent, we have to battle dozens. With the advancement of the shark, we have received assignments involving the assassination of humans. It is here that the most ludicrous humour emerges. While hunting prey that has swum into open water isn’t too difficult, consuming beachgoers takes more skill.

(Image from Steam Game Page)

Our shark friend here can jump out of the water and even land for a short time. The quantity of oxygen, on the other hand, limits time. This is, however, the ideal opportunity to capture the victim by jumping in an uncoordinated manner on the beach or pier. It appears to be at least amusing, with the shark’s actions resembling caricatured Goat Simulator at moments. A guy captured in the jaws might also be flung in front of you like a ball. It serves no purpose and is merely a pleasant compliment to the unique comedy it brings out. Maneater, thankfully, has exploration in addition to battle. Visiting eight different places is a lot of fun. The sites are many, but they might be more diversified.

True, the depths are aesthetically very repetitive, but they are packed with a vast variety of supplementary activities. We will find intriguing nooks, frequently accompanied by ironic comments, and we will get raw materials and collectibles. The latter form of exercise, in particular, is a lot of fun. Because the valuables are hidden in hard-to-reach nooks and crannies, you’ll need a lot of skill to get to them. We will only go to some corners after learning new talents and generating statistics that influence the shark’s strength. The shark’s characteristics illustrate the predator’s progress and evolution effectively, but it’s difficult to define exactly what they are accountable for. It is unclear what a shark’s mass translates to, or what the distinction between defence and damage resistance is. There are no explanations that would put your mind at ease. 

(Image from Steam Game Page)

The most intriguing aspect of the production is the shark’s evolution. As we earn new levels of expertise, we obtain new talents that mostly improve our fighting effectiveness. All improvements are classified according to bodily components. The shark will therefore gain bioelectric fins or bone armour. Importantly, each modification influences the animal’s look.

The work appears to be technically flawed, yet the authors will most likely correct the most serious flaws. During testing, the game’s fluency dropped, and collisions with little objects did not occur at all – we just passed through them, and the graphics themselves were not spectacular. 

Maneater is a game geared for fans of ridiculous action games with unique gameplay. The journey is not very complicated, and being a shark is not exciting enough to keep you entertained for more than two or three hours. An intriguing development system is insufficient, but the title compensates with comedy and a delightful premise.

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