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High-Fi Rush Review

(Image from Steam Game Page)

Tango Gameworks’ newest game cruelly exposed my lack of rhythm. Regardless, it turned out to be a well-executed production with stunning graphics and engaging gameplay. It was a daring approach, but the designers appeared to be confident in their work. They were correct, because Chai’s adventures turned out to be a superb production that, despite the rather unusual fighting system, can provide a lot of enjoyment and efficiently draw people in front of the computer screen. The main character is not your standard video game hero. He is an ordinary man with a big desire of becoming a music sensation. However, by coincidence, he was also supplied with a music player inserted in his chest during the process of implanting a mechanical arm. As a result, Chai has the capacity to sense rhythm in all aspects of his surroundings. However, the firm in charge of the technique does not like the hero’s new skills and is determined to eliminate this flaw at any means. We begin the struggle against the company and its army of robotic troops in this manner.

(Image from Steam Game Page)

Hi-Fi Rush’s gameplay revolves around exploration and battle. We go around a future environment, hopping upon platforms and snatching objects with a robotic arm. Tango Gameworks’ output is a typical platformer, as are many others. Numerous clashes with opponents, on the other hand, contribute for innovation. As the entire globe began to throb to our player’s rhythm, the appropriate tempo is also vital when delivering following punches. We have mild and powerful assaults that each require one and two bars. While a combat focused on just pressing buttons is conceivable in most instances, our punches inflict far less damage and it takes much longer to destroy opponent robots. Hi-Fi Rush plainly demonstrated that I lack a sense of rhythm. Despite the fact that we have a lot of support in the shape of pulsing parts of the environment and the option to show bars at the bottom of the screen, my attempts to reach the correct combination were frequently futile. The summary presented at the end of each bout, which included the number of collected points and the final score, screamed ruthlessly that an elephant had trodden on my ear. While we may play without a sense of rhythm in simple fights, there are sequences in advanced ones that we cannot play without the correct intuition. More musically skilled players will undoubtedly get a lot more out of the game and have a fantastic time with high scores. Those who, like me, do not feel the rhythm can attempt, but it will be a lot more difficult experience for them.

(Image from Steam Game Page)

We spend time at the hideaway between missions to strengthen our character and talk to the crew. We spend the scrap we earn throughout the game on new combinations and chips that provide long-term benefits. Purchased goods may be sold if required, so customizing your character with simply the most often used accessories is not an issue. The hideaway also lets us to browse the journals we’ve gathered and track our progress in accomplishing tasks, for which we get more scrap. Hi-Fi Rush’s artwork were entirely centered on a fairy-tale environment evocative of the classic Jet Set Radio. The bright world we enter is visually appealing, and its unique attraction is enhanced by the fact that it continually responds to the music being played, vibrating to the rhythm of explosive rock. People who broadcast their troubles on the internet can replace licensed music with compositions developed specifically for the game.

Tango Gameworks’ most recent production caught me off guard. Aside from the immediacy of the release, I didn’t detect any bugs while playing, the aesthetics are evocative of animated movies, the battle system drives you to develop your abilities, and the dubbing for other languages is quite nice. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy this game if you’re looking to play something with tons of energy bursting from the screen!

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