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Doom Eternal Review

(Image from Steam Game Page)

Following the anticipated comeback of the cult franchise in 2016, Doom Eternal is another outrageously amazing installment in id Software’s famed series. The game’s speed and efficacy are hypnotic. Aside from a few small flaws, this title is a strong candidate for the best shooter of the year. The plot given in the game is a direct continuation of the previous part’s story. After defeating the infernal hosts on Mars, the main character is confronted with a major problem: the invasion of demonic forces on Earth. So, with no time to waste, he heads into fight. The narrative in the most recent installment has many more cutscenes than you may imagine. A cut-scene is activated before the boss fight or a more crucial section of the tale, adding color to the story. Our hero does not talk, but he is not required to. His rage is visible in his eyes, and the superb music only adds to it.

It’s also worth mentioning that the game has a completely dubbed setting. A lot of history is concealed in the bits of the chronicle gathered on the map, and it’s great that it’s all available in the original tongue.

Despite the intriguing and action-packed scenario, the plot is not Doom Eternal’s essence. It is the gameplay that first motivates you to progressively understand your opponents’ vulnerabilities and continuously change weapons, only to later plunge us in horrible mayhem. From the start, the gameplay and progress we achieve are really enjoyable. Each opponent has a weak point that may be exploited to drastically alter each battle. Cacodemon wreaking havoc? When it opens its jaws, simply toss a grenade at it to stun and kill it in one hit. Arachnotron annoys you with his agility and rocket launcher? Destroy it to significantly weaken it, then fill it with lead. We alter the poppers with every move so that someone sensitive to a specific sort of weapon is always in the crosshairs, and it’s tremendously entertaining.

(Image from Steam Game Page)

Because ammo runs out rapidly and the easiest method to gain ammo is to slice someone in two with a chainsaw, conserving ammo and exploiting weaknesses is also vital. Similarly, we earn healing and armor bonuses from glory kills and strong blows. Only in this manner can we hope to defeat the hordes of hell. This rapid ballet of weapon swapping and enemy elimination in 60 frames is aesthetically quite enjoyable. We watch how lead is used to separate flesh from bones. Furthermore, each execution has a somewhat different horrible sequence in which our hero shreds someone’s bare hands, smashes his head, or sticks his own palm in the eye. Brutality has no limitations here, which is a wonderful thing. Slayer travels across planets using portals operated by Vega, an artificial intelligence from a Mars research station. This technique does not confine us to a single area, and we jump across several locales in search of the generals of the infernal army.

Doom Eternal’s stunning and dramatic locations are full of mysteries, hidden weapon upgrades, and additional challenges. We are urged to investigate at every stage, and we do it gladly, for each advancement of current equipment greatly enhances our chances of survival. The latter stages of the game might appear practically hard to complete without utilizing all of the power-ups, grenades, flamethrowers, and double leaps. However, they are not frustrating, so we are not deterred from continuing to play. The scenario differs slightly with the arcade-platform aspects, in which we must climb, leap over great distances, shoot switches along the way, and do it all in a certain order, with flawless accuracy – because if we make a mistake, the entire procedure must be restarted. Some of these parts give us the impression that someone is robbing us of access to a fantastic and addicting shooter in the name of forced platforming levels. It’s the same of promising someone a dessert that you won’t get until you’ve finished all of the veggies on your plate.

Certain missions also feature substantially less autosave spots, which we noticed a few times when there are so many enemies that we don’t even have a place to hide to regain our breath. However, it is not even close to as irritating as other platforming stages. The adventure’s conclusion is the frosting on the cake, repaying all prior trials. This is a fantastic conclusion to a gory ballet that does not let up until the end credits. We jump, shoot, cut, and produce explosions all around without pausing for a second, otherwise we will perish. Many creators might benefit from Eternal’s example of a well-executed adventure ending. The entire campaign lasts roughly 15 hours. That’s a lot of content for a single-player game, and the option to rerun missions with gathered equipment and upgrades gives up additional possibilities for revisiting the earlier stages to see what more we could have missed.

Doom Eternal is a cosmically delightful shooter that, aside from its platforming levels, improves and expands on every facet of Doom from 2016. It’s a fantastic trip, so full of blood and flesh that once we finish it, we might consider becoming vegetarian for a while. So Rip and Tear away friends!

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