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Need for Speed Undercover Review

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The days of hitting the accelerator in a Need For Speed game are long gone. Since Black Box was in charge of this brand many years ago, the series has seen various changes. These modifications are so diametrically opposed that the examples of Most Wanted and Pro Street are sufficient. Following the letdown that was the later, it was imperative to fascinate the audience, and Undercover emerged as the solution. In a cinematic style, Need For Speed: Undercover depicts the narrative of an agent who becomes penetrated in the world of underground racing. We, as this character, must assert ourselves in this underworld by passing the many tasks offered to us. There are seven game types in all, divided over dozens of missions that we must complete. Some of them, such as “Sprint” or “Circuit,” are widely known to all of us, but there are some new ones, such as the one in which we must take certain automobiles and deliver them in a short period of time without destroying them too much. Closed circuits are a feature taken over from Pro Street. This is because, despite the fact that the whole game and events take place in three distinct towns, the circuit we must go around is restricted by walls each time we enter one of them. Of course, this does not apply to all game types, but it restricts the player’s freedom of movement, since it would be better to construct our own path that passes through multiple necessary spots.

(Image from Steam Community)

We gain more points in the various “Driver Skills” with each victory. This genuinely rewards the player for his success in the tests by boosting the quality of the car’s major components, such as suspension, nitro, and engine, among others. However, it is not only these components that improve. We, too, rise through the ranks of the different levels of repute, gaining access to fresh cases to investigate while under the careful eye of the lovely federal agent Chase Linh. Several demolition spots are strategically placed. What are they worth? Assume you are being pursued by a group of cops. If you pay attention to the GPS, which is positioned in the lower left corner, you will notice that a symbol like a triangle sign appears in some spots. If they travel through one of these locations, they will cause a fall of concrete, iron, or timber logs, depending on the scenario, compelling the pursuers to stop. Despite being competent, it is not aesthetically appealing, since there is a sense that it is forced, given that the automobiles have plenty of room to avoid obstacles most of the time. Unfortunately, the graphics component did not receive the “upgrade” that we desired. Although we have no complaints about the car models, everything else is a touch lacking for a game that claims to be one of the finest of its type. The gameplay of this new Need for Speed has been altered in ways that undercut reality. This is absolutely addicting and is only possible because to the Heroic Driving Engine, which allows us to perform feats similar to those seen in films such as the Fast and the Furious series.

Because high speed is the keyword, it is normal that frontal crashes occur on occasion. However, we can slow time for a few seconds, allowing us to avoid an impediment, for example. The game world consists of four unique places linked by a vast network of roads and highways, each with its own distinct landscape. Palm Harbor is the city area, and it is also the first one to greet us; Port Crescent is the port region, surrounded by various warehouses and accompanied by a palette of brownish hues; but in Sunset Hills, the sun prevails, creating a dry, almost stifling environment. To top it all off, there are the Gold Coast Mountains, a peaceful landscape evocative of a lovely fall morning. The three cities, while nice, do not entice you to visit them. Unlike other games where we are urged to do so, what you see is what you get here, and there is no need to return. Adding to this is the lack of a day/night cycle and weather variations, which detracts from the EA title’s appeal. The game isn’t even tough to beat or play, which is insane in certain circumstances. Where have you seen an Audi TT go quicker than a Lamborghini? It occurs in Undercover, and not only in the early parts of the game. To tell you the truth, it won’t be tough to win the race regardless of the automobile you drive.

(Image from Steam Community)

The “Tuning” component could not be left out, and it is given in a more basic manner in this title. Instead of purchasing mechanical “upgrades” individually, we can purchase the entire “pack”. There are three in all, which we unlock as we go through the game. Visual customization is also accessible, allowing users to design their own automobile. Unfortunately, there aren’t as many possibilities as you’d think, indicating that this component has been pushed to the sidelines. The automobile store is also open from the start, which is when we can go insane and spend all of our money on another car for our garage. However, even if the most powerful automobiles are accessible from the start, they will not be offered for purchase unless you pay actual money for it through the PlayStation Store or the Marketplace. A shady technique that might pay off for some.

Need For Speed: Undercover fails to meet expectations for the second year in a row. Despite being a competent game, it doesn’t distinguish out from other games in its genre or earlier releases in the series, with Most Wanted being an example. As a result, it is advisable to choose Burnout: Paradise or Midnight Club: Los Angeles instead of this.

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