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Metro Exodus Review

(Image from Steam Game Page)

Metro Exodus is a wonderful experience, yet how well we know the universe whether based on games or novels by Dimitrij Guchowski – will determine how much we like it. People who are unfamiliar with history should remain calm; it is not required. Veterans, on the other hand, may have to wait a long time to play. The plot was based on the events described in the novel Metro 2035. We take on the role of Artyom once more, who is likewise a quiet hero this time. The solution may be described as antiquated, as it is now relatively unusual in video games, and it can be a little unpleasant in the long run, especially during scenes and talks. On the long voyage on the Aurora train, we are joined by Mynarz and his daughter – and, at the same time, Artyom’s wife – Anna. However, this is not the case for everyone. The sheer number of characters, along with the plot’s progression, can make you dizzy at points.

The plot revolves around exploring the Russian wasteland left over from the nuclear war. We’re seeking for radio signal sources. We can’t divulge any more specifics, though, because it would ruin the fun of finding the narrative on your own. However, it should be noted that the storyline is a strong aspect of Metro Exodus. Although the storyline twists are interesting, they do not dominate the story. There are several circumstances that need you to pause and contemplate. This is most noticeable in the open, broader areas on the surface through which we go during the main section of the game. The activity in the open air is frequently quiet and exploratory rather than combative.

(Image from Steam Game Page)

In many regions in Russia, the air is already so pure that we don’t always need to wear a gas mask. On the surface, the gameplay features several survival themes that have been extremely skillfully weaved into the overall experience. We frequently run out of ammo, so instead of attacking mutants, we sneak behind their backs. The level designs are excellent and well-balanced in size. However, we must occasionally return to previously visited locations, which, when paired with an excessively sluggish hero, may be annoying and artificially lengthen the game. Fortunately, incidents like these are uncommon. Aside from the primary goals, we also complete side missions on open terrain. Sometimes we discover this chance on our own, and other times we learn about it through those we have assisted. Additional activities are represented on the map by question marks, and completing them results in measurable advantages, such as supplies.

We’ll be fighting mutants and bandits a lot in Metro Exodus. Despite the limited amount of configurable weapons, shooting is pleasurable and elicits a wide range of emotions, especially when a filthy gun clogs during a thrilling battle. The weapon balance is also extremely good – the difference between their usage and effectiveness is plainly seen, which adds to the pleasure. Clashes with opponents with exceptionally low AI intelligence, on the other hand, are less exciting than in the prior game. The sensation of horror vanished with the departure to the surface, unless we opt to explore at night – the game gives a full day cycle, and we regulate the time of day in the beds provided on the train or hideouts. The enjoyment of exploring the post-nuclear world is diminished by several physics engine faults. In the game, interpenetrating items, character blocking, and other issues are widespread. Furthermore, Metro Exodus is quite unstable; in the case of the tested PC version, the game closed itself many times, and the machine was forced to restart. Level load times are likewise disappointing. Let’s hoping the devs swiftly update the title and correct any technical issues.

(Image from Steam Game Page)

However, it must be stated that Metro Exodus is one of the most beautiful video games ever created. The texturing are crisp, the lighting effects are pleasing, and the ray tracing truly adds dimension to many situations. This is especially true in areas with a high density of light sources. What remains unsatisfactory is the incorporation of DLSS technology, which boosts the smoothness of the game but also results in a strange blurring of the image, causing us to miss vital details. The characters’ face motions, on the other hand, are unexpected. Apart from the lips, looking for more movement and huge emotions in the talks is futile. This is a level that has been portrayed in games for many years. Metro Exodus is recommended playing with original Russian conversations and English subtitles if we want to achieve the correct feel of the game environment. Conversations in Russian create a terrific atmosphere, yet in the case of some characters, they are overly dramatic. The mysteriously fleeing subtitles might be annoying at times, causing us to miss vital dialogue.

Metro Exodus is an intriguing experiment in general, bolstered above all by an engrossing, dynamic plot and stunning aesthetics. This is a tale that everyone should know. We made it to the surface, albeit not in every way, and we sometimes miss narrow tunnels, though they do arise. So we get an amazing post-apocalyptic atmosphere, a touch of survival, and a good shooter, but we’re left with the impression that Metro Exodus should be more refined.

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