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Monster Hunter World Review

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Monster Hunter: World is a tremendous progression of the game and a fantastic step forward by the devs. The game is more approachable, intriguing, gorgeous, and addicting. It is also a very large and varied title with which we will spend many enjoyable hours. The manner of narration in the campaign is the most striking alteration at first sight. The previous versions’ inaccessible and bad narrative has been replaced by a modern model full of dialogues, NPCs, and magnificent cutscenes. Character statements have also replaced several of the tutorials that were previously extensive, dull, and difficult to cope with. In a nutshell, we set off with the hunters guild fleet on an expedition to the New World, an unexplored land where the eldest dragons migrate once per decade. The giants leave their homes and set out on a trek to the mentioned country.

Our protagonist is a part of a research team tasked with unraveling this phenomena. tale missions occasionally depart from the game’s overall axis and function primarily to tell the tale, which is enjoyable to receive and better explains the gameplay when the campaign is completed. This world exists, and we are a part of it. Fans of the franchise were concerned that the next iteration might reduce gameplay in order to appeal to a larger variety of current viewers. They may exhale with relief since, despite certain alterations and transformations, it is still a game that demands learning, patience, and does not tolerate mistakes. The quantity of action and lack of sufficient explanations may first overwhelm new gamers. Combat with each possible weapon provides an entirely distinct experience, and the contrast between melee weapons and crossbows and bows is so significant that they might easily form the foundation of two separate games. The most enjoyable aspect of chasing down a great target is just playing with a new weapon, perfecting it, and continually adapting to new obstacles. Monster Hunter: World’s fighting system is really effective. Fighting duels are vastly different when we use sluggish, heavy swords and must watch every move of the beast than when we use a smaller blade and the clash is more akin to a ballet around the target. The action is fast-paced and unpredictable. The open map, with no loading screens while navigating between specific sectors, is the largest upgrade to the combat. This was the series’ most serious issue, disrupting the game’s flow. As soon as the creature decides to leave, we begin the chase or watch our prey fall into a pre-prepared trap.

(Image from Steam Game Page)

Although a sophisticated tracking device brings us to our destination, knowledge of maps is quite important. You can occasionally become lost or fall into the trap of another beast that is strolling around the neighboring region if you don’t organize a probable chase and set up traps. The organisms themselves are varied. They resemble iguanas, dinosaurs, birds, dragons, and even bats. Each has its unique set of behaviors, assaults, and interactions with the surroundings. Monster Hunter: World’s lands are stunning and one-of-a-kind. Discovering new regions allows you to not only collect resources, but also meet new personalities, fish, and discover secret tunnels that may be beneficial when hunting. We often catch tiny animals in nets to keep as pets in private apartments. Despite certain simplifications from prior releases, the building of equipment and gathering of components to produce potions, food, and traps is still substantial and interesting. We must first find the mix of ingredients in order to construct anything, therefore we literally pick up everything we come across on our trek into the wild. The character evolves as a result of the experience earned through fighting the allotted animals, as well as the accumulation of scientific information on each new thing. These points can be swapped for cash, such as gold, over time. Everything in the game is interrelated, and almost every action influences the character’s progress, knowledge of particular enemy vulnerabilities, the availability of new weapon and equipment designs, and even the introduction of alternative tasks. In addition to the main duty of hunting down large animals, we have access to a number of side quests in which we must acquire specified things or deliver reptile eggs to the camp instead of hunting. The number of activities is limitless thanks to fresh contracts from researchers and group play.

(Image from Steam Game Page)

A slew of new components, gadgets, and ideas for growing the inventory arrive long after the game’s midpoint, which is a breath of fresh air. The makers also want to regularly grow the title with new expansions and events to entice players to return to the Monster Hunter universe on a regular basis. If new goods are routinely added, the game has a strong possibility of retaining more players. Monster Hunter: World is so large that it’s difficult to cover every intriguing feature. Even after fifty hours of gameplay, we still have several objectives to complete, as well as hundreds of armors and weapons that cannot be produced owing to a shortage of resources. There are still some monsters that haven’t been defeated and places that remain unexplored. Other than that, this game isn’t just great but also a definite “Game-of-the-Year” type as well.

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