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Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Review

(Image from Steam Game Page)

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon captures the atmosphere of those years’ cinematic productions while also adding a slew of jokes and allusions that anybody who recalls the VCR era will appreciate. This is a fantastic game that has been meticulously crafted in every aspect and will keep you entertained for the duration. In a war-torn future, in 2007, super-cybernetic commando Rex “Power” Colt and his partner “Spider” embark on a special mission to explore a military-scientific complex on a mystery island. It immediately becomes clear that the Omega Force cyborg army, directed by Rex’s former instructor, Colonel Sloan, is plotting another global catastrophe. There have previously been numerous of them, but this one is said to be particularly effective, since it has the potential to remove all sentient beings from the planet’s surface. Sounds perilous? Did I mention the massive Blood Dragons with laser beams in their eyes? Initially thought to be a Far Cry 3 add-on with updated textures, it turns out to be a wholly independent production that, down to the slightest detail, reminds us how wonderful the films from years ago were. Forget everything you saw in the basic edition – this is a whole other planet and an entirely different island. All cutscenes are presented as animations similar to those seen on ancient arcade machines. The narrative is precisely like a B-movie – wild, testosterone-filled, and full of twists and turns. The main character acts as masculine as possible, kicking everyone around him and attracting blushing ladies while attempting to fight the major villain.

(Image from Steam Game Page)

Fans of 80s kitsch will be pleased to learn that there are more or less subtle nods to the most popular flicks at every turn. The tutorial, which totally mocks everything conceivable, was also not spared by the developers. Even as the game is loaded, we can read the standard advice, such as “Grenades explode” or “The sniper rifle is a great short-range weapon if you haven’t pressed that button correctly again.” The majority of the destructive instruments employed are also references to films such as Robocop, Terminator 2, and Predator. The abundance of tempting snacks compelled me to take breaks every few minutes to recover and stop grinning. Michael Biehn, the Terminator and Aliens actor, provides Rex’s voice. He clearly feels comfortable in the skin of a hero from that age. Sergeant Colt is fearless, throwing caustic flowers and making crude comments. You may even give your adversaries the middle finger whenever you want. With all of the side quests and treasures, the gaming time is enjoyable. Eight hours is the length of many enormous projects, yet Blood Dragon does not bore you for a single second, as is sometimes the case with big-budget movies.

While searching for Colonel Sloan on an unknown island, we come across Omega Force bases that must be liberated and given over to rebellious geeks known as scientists. Each liberated center provides a fresh starting place, as well as extra tasks for which we receive weapon upgrades. Jason in Far Cry 3 could only connect two or three upgrades to each weapon, but this isn’t the same game. It’s a film about a cybercommando with no boundaries. A sniper rifle that has been upgraded to the level of a cannon that fires exploding bullets? Here you have it. A shotgun with four barrels that can set fire to anything in its path? Sure. A machine cannon that shoots fatal laser beams rather than lead for weaklings? On demand! Every gun in Blood Dragon is a wonderful weapon for causing chaos and carnage, and you want to try them all. And there is some truth to it. There are various sorts of enemy cyborgs, which are identical to their pirate counterparts. Their number meets every requirement for synthetic, fluorescent blood, and it might be overpowering in some side quests. The island is also alive with wildlife, which has been inhabited by mad scientific experiments. We encounter titan panthers and cyber-crocodiles, as well as zombie cassowaries and altered goats sent by the devil himself. One of the extra jobs sends us to the sewers to slaughter four mutant turtles, oh boy. Each kill or assignment completed earns you experience points, which unlock new superpowers and talents. There is no tree to select from, simply a description of what we will get automatically at a certain level. The first level is already enough, because our cyber commando model IV, owing to its artificial legs, can run without tiring, breathe underwater, and avoids damage while jumping from high heights.

(Image from Steam Game Page)

I used a hang glider to penetrate the Omega Force base, from which I jumped a hundred meters down upon a guard, then detonated explosives, blew up half the facility, and fed the remaining cyborgs with lead from a mini-gun while screaming loudly. Sneaking is for wimps – it is conceivable, but who wants to skulk in the bushes when they can drive into the opposing camp with a jeep loaded with C-400 explosives? The fantastic background music of the electronic band Power Glove, who rose to the situation and delivered a soundtrack that’s like a condensed VHS drink combined with Snake Plissken’s perspiration, would not have made Blood Dragon the final result. With such music, exploring all the nooks and crannies of the island is wonderful pleasure and never gets dull.

Rex “Power” Colt and his exploits are a fantastic stand-alone addition to Far Cry 3. The designers had a fantastic idea to celebrate the kitsch of the 1980s, which was lovely in its form and merited a virtual monument, rather than develop another DLC enhancing the existing plot. Did I mention that Blood Dragons blast lasers out of their eyes?

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