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War Of The Fallen Review

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As the phrase goes, the third time’s the charm. However, sometimes success comes on the second try. This is demonstrated by Zynga, which is once again assaulting the thick walls of the card game industry after releasing its debut Ayakashi: Ghost Guild. However, the attack was successful, and the American company’s weapon is a detail that other engineers cannot handle – the user interface.

Let’s start from the beginning. War of the Fallen belongs to the Collectable Card Games genre, which includes games in which we gather cards. The player’s objective is to assemble and organize a deck of varied monsters. We fulfill the tasks set to us and combat other players by utilizing their powers. As the game develops, we gain better cards and construct a more powerful deck. The first decision we must make is which of the three groups to join. The Corrupted (demons, zombies, and vampires), Iron Legion (mythical monsters, angels, and people), and Cult of the Darkstar (magical beings, machines, and magicians) are the three factions. Each side includes roughly sixty cards, each with a different level of strength, skill, and frequency of occurrence. Of course, the rarer the better. We may also combine them to make them more strong or enhance them by sacrificing unwanted creatures. With the deck complete, we can go on to the game’s two main elements. The first is a lengthy campaign in which we travel across several locations, killing creatures and their formidable leaders. Simply click on the animals that appear on the screen to begin this procedure. We obtain cards that help us to extend our deck in exchange for defeating monsters. We unlock the next task after murdering many hundred people.

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The benefit of this phase of the game is that finishing the campaign takes a long time. Zynga often holds special events where additional tasks are made available. Completing them in a timely manner allows you to acquire strong animals. The downside is a rather uninteresting plot that we lose interest in only a few minutes of playing the game. After all, how many times can the big evil be defeated? The gameplay isn’t very unique. It’s almost identical to what we’d see in competitive card games. Conflicts with other players dominate the second part of War of the Fallen. We can battle for glory and a higher position in the world, or for artifacts that will allow us to obtain superior animals. Why is the game addicting and stands out from comparable titles if the gameplay is nothing special? The Americans did not make the same error as other developers and created a product with an excellent user interface. Titles like Rage of Bahamut, Immortalis, and Transformers Legends feature so many banners or have so many tabs that executing any task takes a long time and is just annoying. War of the Fallen serves as a model for them. We can access all settings with two or three clicks. The individual tabs are clear and well-organized. In this scenario, a well-designed user interface works wonders. In this instance, we can only hope that other manufacturers will follow Zynga’s lead. Perhaps this feature makes the game interesting to folks who do not use cellphones at all. I proposed War of the Fallen to two of them. As a result, they later attempted to share the chores that needed to be performed or even disputed over the viability of finishing a portion of the campaign. Unfortunately, two persons cannot play on the same smartphone at the same time. The game is device-specific, and you cannot establish two accounts with different decks for different individuals. Another advantage of War of the Fallen is its collectible value. Card games are popular because of the wonderful cards and images that adorn them. They are truly stunning in Zynga’s creation. I was so taken with them that I squandered virtual dollars and time just to view all the variations of the cards I had gathered. Each has four visuals that change depending on how far it has progressed. However, the game is not without flaws. We can only complain about the application’s mediocre stability and the odd desynchronization, which compels us to restart it. War of the Fallen is likewise inoperable without a continual network connection. Meanwhile, the game’s servers may refuse to cooperate. As a result, unexpected error messages appear and the connection must be retried until successful. It is also possible that certain settings will not function for no obvious reason. The game’s largest flaw, though, is tied to Zynga’s policy. It was possible to find somewhat rare – and hence powerful – cards right after debut. They were only gained by completing following tasks. However, the maker changed it after many people had already begun playing the game. To obtain the most precious cards nowadays, you either be really lucky or pay for them. Meanwhile, the expense of extensions is absolutely out of this world. Those with a fair possibility of acquiring a reasonable card cost PLN 170 or even PLN 380. That is more than we would spend for a high-end console game!

The cash used in the game to grow your deck and purchase cards is priced similarly. Anyone who does not grab for their cash will be allowed to play War of the Fallen for several days. It will not, however, beat powerful and well-funded opponents. Even stronger cards will be difficult for him to see. It is worth mentioning that the manufacturer pays attention to player feedback, such as that expressed on Facebook. War of the Fallen has been updated for iOS devices. The change included a system for unlocking powerful animals. We merely need to join in to the game on a regular basis to receive them. However, this is only a drop in the bucket of what is required. I only got three valuable cards after playing the game for a couple of weeks. This is insufficient for successful usage in the waist. The game’s soundtrack and some of its images aren’t very memorable. While the cards themselves are lovely, the animals we face during the campaign are far less so. The music, on the other hand, is made up of various brief, repetitive songs that aren’t particularly catchy.

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As a result, War of the Fallen is an inconsistent product. This is an excellent introduction to the world of card games for those who are just starting out. The game also distinguishes out among similar creations, despite having several bothersome glitches. Nonetheless, this is a significant step forward. It’s likely that it signals the entrance of more, even better mobile card games.

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