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MouseCraft Review

(Image from Steam Game Page)

Although combining Lemmings with Tetris sounds dangerous, the Polish firm Crunching Koalas was able to put this intriguing concept into action. Although the lemmings have been replaced with mice and the trademark bricks do not continually fall from the top of the screen, the result remains an addictive and entertaining puzzle game. Schrodinger, the primary character of MouseCraft, is a cat scientist who aspires to build an efficient mouse-powered machine. To do this, he must undertake a series of studies in which the rats must approach the objective, which is the cheese that draws them. The straightforward storyline serves simply as a pretext for the engrossing gameplay. And this one will keep you captivated to the screen for a long time.

The early stages are pretty straightforward and teach the numerous options and aspects that arise during the game step by step. The path to cheese is not paved with roses. The corridors studded with traps need considerable combination and careful route planning. We must forecast how the mice will travel and what threats they may face before releasing them from the cage. This is when things become more tricky. All you need to know at first is that the mice keep going ahead and can climb over one-block-high barriers. However, the number of dependents rapidly increases. As a result, you should be aware that mice may only fall three blocks, cannot stay in water for lengthy periods of time, and must avoid contact with mechanical rodents.

(Image from Steam Game Page)

And so on, from stage to stage, until we reach the board, where you have to think very hard to move forward. We may employ two things while creating the route: blocks and bombs. The first were taken directly from Tetris. As a result, we have distinctive squares, “elks,” and oblongs. We may rotate them, just like in the original, to make other combinations. Over time, in addition to conventional blocks, there are rubber ones that allow the mouse to fall from vast heights, and brittle ones that only allow two out of every three rodents freed from the cage to pass through. Bombs, in turn, enable environmental catastrophe. Please keep in mind that following such destruction, the blocks hung in the air will simply fall to the ground, resulting in an entirely different route arrangement.

There doesn’t appear to be much to do, which is underlined by the small amount of blocks at each step. This allows you to concentrate on the task rather than on picking parts, like in the Incredible Machines series. However, it immediately becomes clear that this perception is false, and the puzzles begin to offer more and more issues as they go. Fortunately, the makers devised an excellent solution. They did not include a hint system, which is a benefit in this day and age of ready-made solutions, but it will allow us to reverse our actions. And all of them one by one, so we can go back to the beginning if we made a mistake at the start and simply make a little correction at the finish, if necessary. You may swiftly test and deploy new ideas in this straightforward manner, owing to the ability to accelerate and halt time. While completing the stages, remember to gather blue crystals in addition to getting the mouse to the cheese. This is an optional job, but it is well worth the effort because the satisfaction from collecting them far outweighs the satisfaction from simply finishing the assignment. This also significantly raises the difficulty level, which is medium throughout the game. On the one hand, the activities demand some preparation, but on the other hand, the authors have not included any stages where you may rip your hair out in rage.

(Image from Steam Game Page)

There are a total of eighty levels, and while they may seem fairly monotonous over time, you will want to return to the title. Tasks entice you and keep you going until you do them all. If that isn’t enough, you may make your own board using a simple and accessible editor. With its first game, Crunching Koalas studio demonstrated that unexpected combinations may yield quite interesting results. MouseCraft isn’t innovative, but it’s an extremely addicting and well-made puzzle game that will keep you entertained for approximately five hours.

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