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Get Even Review

(Image from Steam Game Page)

The Farm 51 studio’s latest creation takes us on a long trip into the depths of the human brain and suppressed terrible memories. Get Even effectively blends numerous styles of gameplay, yet the game may be more fascinating without some of them.

The plot begins in the manner of a conventional action game. Cole Black is assigned the mission of rescuing a child from her kidnappers. To go to our target, we creep around and stealthily eliminate the culprits. However, the expedition is doomed from the start and does not end well. The observed setting turns out to be a simulation, and the hero is trapped in a type of clinic where he willingly received therapy after losing part of his memories. This begins a voyage into memory, interwoven with real-world problem solving, because some of the patients in the hospital fled from their rooms, drawing us into an extra, deadly game. Already, the journey appears to be highly twisted, in a good way, but this is only the beginning, and there will be hours of surprises to follow.

(Image from Steam Game Page)

Get Even is a thriller with riddles, an investigation, and shooter features. The final feature, on the other hand, suffers from unappealing stages with more dynamic action, rash foes, and weak shooting mechanics. Even the Cornergun, a weapon with a smartphone attached to it, allowing you to watch and attack at an angle without having to bend into corners. The adventure’s later phases enhance the shooting experience slightly, but only because the hero learns new abilities. However, we clearly believe that the use of guns is an afterthought, and that the driving force of the game is the plot and atmosphere. Black utilizes his phone to help with the inquiry while we’re not shooting. Saved photographs and notes serve offer suggestions, and the integrated DNA scanner lets you play detective. Because the device has a UV lamp and thermal imaging, we frequently utilize it to discover overvoltage cables or traces that are invisible at first inspection. The complexity level of the puzzles is balanced sufficiently so that going around the same areas does not get annoying, but it is also not so easy that completing them is not enjoyable. The developers rose to the occasion in this area of the game.

We walk through the subconscious, like in Inception, progressively solving puzzles, the essence of which appears to be a kidnapped girl, a bomb, and the hero who failed to save her. The tale is intriguing and engrosses the spectator to the point where they desire to skip the shooting sequences in order to find more mysteries. The ending is a pleasant surprise that raises many new issues. We want to replay the game, making fresh options each time, to find what more is buried in Get Even. The Gliwice-based company The Farm 51 successfully disguised the game’s true nature and interesting mysteries, advertising the game primarily with information on photogrammetry, or three-dimensional scanning of actual sites and characters. The game was designed to be photorealistic by reproducing real-world locations.

(Image from Steam Game Page)

From the opening minutes, the sound makes a distinct impact and draws attention. We listen to every clatter, moan, and the voices of other patients, which are precisely recreated in space, and we can sometimes even follow the sound while playing on headphones. We also come across various tunes and melodies that arise in key situations and astonish us with their creativity.

Get Even is a game with wonderfully surprise story twists that keep us engaged throughout the quest. It would be even better if the shooting components were kept to a minimum, because ineffective artificial intelligence and dull fights detract from the entire experience of the game, drawing focus away from the production’s virtues.

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