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Darksiders Genesis Review

(Image from Steam Game Page)

After the lukewarm reaction of Darksiders 3 by gamers and critics, Darksiders Genesis alters the formula by putting the camera in an isometric projection. And, while this appears to be a substantial shift, the gameplay itself does not alter greatly from what we are already familiar with.

The most recent edition in the series about the exploits of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse is a prequel, or a narrative that takes place before the first installment. We play as the well-known rider War and a brand new hero – Strife. Our mission is to stop Lucifer from upsetting the world’s balance. The plot, like the preceding series, does not pique the reader’s attention. We learn about the plot from beautifully created films and, most importantly, from the characters’ interactions. However, the conversation is childish and frequently uninteresting. The Riders’ insults, rather from being sardonic, realistic jokes that lighten the mood, create shame.

(Image from Steam Game Page)

Fortunately, the discussions are merely a bonus, as the main focus of the game is, of course, destroying dozens of foes. The fighting hasn’t altered much from the previous installments. These are still incredibly dynamic and stunning confrontations, with agility and quickness taking precedence over strategies and precision. We have a limited spectrum of hits – rapid or forceful – like in any slasher. However, the execution of the combo is determined on the appropriate combination of both punches. Because of the differences in weaponry, war and strife have different combat methods. The first hero wields a large sword, like previously, while the second wields two daggers and a pair of pistols from which he may fire from a distance. The range of motion is first unimpressive. Only when we gain points and unique coins will our armament begin to grow. For the local cash, we may purchase new blow combinations, strengthen existing skills, or expand the spectrum of restorative remedies.

The developers also included a progression tree with passive powers. We acquire so-called cores from dead opponents to progressively build skills. Each one influences the benefit we will receive after using it. Surprisingly, bosses drop especially potent boosts. These cores have their own development tree locations, although they are only accessible after unlocking all prior skill tiers. The aforementioned boss bouts are exciting, yet lacking in variation. Aside from the monster’s magnitude, the combat is relatively similar to defeating smaller adversaries. To avoid being hit, we conduct a few blows and then dodge. More boss skills and a concept to make the fights more intriguing and hard are lacking. Fights against lesser opponents resemble one other as well. Each monster has a unique look, although they all have extremely similar attacks. Apart from the size and life of the opponents, we don’t see any significant distinctions. As a result, instead of focusing our efforts on a single goal, we indiscriminately attack everything in sight. The environmental riddles that may be found in each place, on the other hand, are intriguing. To address an issue, we frequently employ specialized weaponry or talents. As a result, we utilize a boomerang to ignite lamps, grab distant items with a demonic hand, or establish extraordinary portals. These are wonderful additions that give a break from the upcoming conflicts.

(Image from Steam Game Page)

The game is separated into chapters, each of which takes place in a distinct setting. Unfortunately, the maps do not pique the reader’s attention, and their design might be more appealing. We frequently face empty places that discourage investigation. However, it is worthwhile to investigate numerous nooks and crannies since there is a precious treasure to be found in practically every corner. From a technological standpoint, it is excellent. The game plays well at 60 frames per second, and the visuals are clear, if lacking in detail. All of the locations appear to be right, and we did not notice any severe technical issues that would interfere with gameplay.

The series’ shift of perspective, surprisingly, did not change as much as may be predicted. Darksiders Genesis is still a good slasher, although in a significantly simpler version. Low in sophisticated processes, yet with straightforward and understandable gameplay that draws you in despite shortcomings.

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