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Gris Review

(Image from Steam Game Page)

An creative voyage through the bright realms of Gris is absolutely spectacular – and even for the wonderful aesthetic experience alone, this title is worth recommending to everyone.

We step into a magnificent realm right out of a dream. The fairy-tale reality, on the other hand, loses all of its hues, leaving us with a bleak greyness. The mystery heroine goes out to resurrect the hues. The excursion lasts barely three hours and takes us to odd and fascinating locations. Every scene here looks like a painting, and we like to capture screenshots while playing to keep a supply of desktop wallpapers on hand. We receive the sense that we are managing a character who is running around a continually changing watercolor picture. This strange scenery not only delights, but also complements the game’s melancholy, surreal vibe.

(Image from Steam Game Page)

In Gris, there is hardly no storyline. We may infer what the artists’ purpose was – the topic of overcoming despair and seeking love is prevalent here, or so the perception goes, which may be incorrect. However, considering the game’s symbolism is part of the experience, so it’s a good thing no answer was presented to us on a silver platter. In terms of gameplay, we’re looking at a straightforward two-dimensional platformer. We leap and avoid obstacles in order to gather the ingredients required to activate at specified places, so opening the next path. Every now and again, we acquire a new skill that allows us to deal with a variety of situations. These include a double leap, the ability to jump into the air from certain locations, and physically transforming into a square rock to make the player exceedingly heavy. Everything we do comes naturally and intuitively. The level design is so fantastic that the authors didn’t need to include any tips and hints – we always know what to do after glancing at a certain section of the map.

The game’s gameplay, while enjoyable, is not its greatest suit. The audiovisual environment, on the other hand, is hypnotic. Everything about this place is amazing. From the heroine’s animation to the surroundings and other features of the setting. It’s also difficult to ignore the great soundtrack, which perfectly matches the art.

(Image from Steam Game Page)

Gris is probably worth playing for its visual appeal alone. It’s a terrific way to unwind from sophisticated productions that focus on hundreds of gameplay elements and a realistic atmosphere, or from large games that make us feel like we’re working, compiling a list of things to do.

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