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OlliOlli World Review

(Image from Steam Game Page)

OlliOlli2 has been on the market for some years. The authors used this time to develop an entirely new design and character for the series, which proved beneficial for the upcoming chapter. OlliOlli World is a terrific arcade skating creation with a plethora of fascinating challenges and very engrossing gameplay.

If we recall previous installments in the series, the new environment is somewhat surprising, but we rapidly grow used to it. The bright visuals create unmistakable memories with cartoons such as “Adventure Time” and wonderfully complement the tone given by the creators this time and the universe packed with wacky people. However, the shift to three dimensions is more crucial than the style of the setting itself. We are continuously looking at the action from the side, but all of the objects are 3D models, and the boards have apparent depth, which is frequently exploited – for example, when we leap from one ramp to another, going from the background to the front. This adjustment appears to have also helped to improve the perception of speed when driving quickly.

(Image from Steam Game Page)

The original OlliOlli did not tolerate even the most minor errors. The world is more accessible, yet it may still be difficult. The difficulty level was properly matched. Only in the second part of the campaign do stages occur in which we cover more ground – yet resuming from a checkpoint is immediate. The most difficult challenges or ambitions to attain are frequently optional. Even within a single board, we might occasionally take a detour to a more challenging issue. The game is built in such a manner that we do not feel continuously chastised for poor driving, but we do gain joy from finishing stages – especially bonus criteria. Skating on walls, as well as grabs, which are so vital in skateboarding games, broaden the range of tricks learned in earlier portions. It may be overwhelming to browse through the different moves in the settings menu, and learning all of them and combining them into combinations that result in thousands of points is incredibly exciting.

OlliOlli World casts us as a contender for the title of Skate Wizard. We must earn the faith of the five Skate Gods by completing levels in Radlandia’s successive territories. We always reach the next stage with a group of colorful characters who talk about locations and various aspects of the world around us in a humorous tone – but if we don’t want to listen to them, at the start of each board we can always choose an option like “I don’t want to listen to you, I’m going skate.” After each finished stage, we proceed to the next, occasionally having the choice to deviate from the main progression path and participate in extra levels. We also gain new pieces on a regular basis to personalize our characters, and there are several possibilities for clothing and modifying your appearance. Everyone will design their ideal skater. In comparison to prior games, the less realistic atmosphere allowed the developers to construct fantastic-looking places. It’s not just about the many colors and backdrop components, but also about the numerous challenges and souvenirs we get. The inventiveness of developers may be evident in every aspect.

(Image from Steam Game Page)

OlliOlli World is fantastic. Completing the majority of them shouldn’t be too tough, but completing the tasks is a challenging work for those who are persistent – thus we may easily spend several dozen hours with this game, even if the campaign is just ten minutes long. With all of the improvements and surprises, the gameplay is incredibly engrossing.

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