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Steelrising Review

(Image from Steam Game Page)

First impressions might be misleading. Steelrising has so many of the traits that define the soulslike genre that I was convinced at first that we were dealing with a typical representative of this sort of game. The battle system, soul loss after death, and enemy rebirth when we utilize the equivalent of bonfires. It’s almost like Dark Souls or Elden Ring.

The devil, however, is in the details. The gameplay turned out to be less hard than in other works of similar sort, and the bosses did not pose me any big issues. Several times during the game, I perished while facing formidable opponents – and it was because I wasn’t paying attention, not because I wasn’t prepared or employed the incorrect tactics. To defeat the titan, just understand its weakness and spam it with strikes from one of the three components. As if that wasn’t enough, we may change the difficulty level to our liking using the support mode, which reduces the damage done by adversaries. We can even choose not to lose our experience after death. In fact, we get a soulslike in a light version, which is essentially an action RPG with aspects of this genre. This is almost definitely an intentional endeavor by the designers to urge as many gamers as possible to test Steelrising. Hardcore soulslike fans won’t find much of a challenge here, but they’ll have a good time traveling across Paris in quest of wealth, exploring new shortcuts, and destroying successive units of the French king’s mechanical army.

(Image from Steam Game Page)

Especially considering exploring and setting design are two of the game’s strongest points. We explore royal palaces and gardens, as well as city waterways, destitute regions, and densely packed structures in Paris. Throughout the game, we are given new tools that allow us to reach previously unreachable spots, and returning to previously visited locations was not a hassle for me. On the contrary, I was able to ultimately unlock the shortcuts and acquire all of the prizes. The storyline is not one of the game’s greatest elements in the early stages. It’s taking its time. Aegis, the primary character, is a mechanical invention. The queen, Marie Antoinette, commissions him to put an end to her husband, Louis XVI’s, insanity. The monarch dispatched automatons into the streets of Paris to put down the uprising. Then we move from point to point, searching for partners to assist us with our main purpose.

When we eventually save a few folks, the story begins to disclose new threads and builds pace until the conclusion. We plot our next actions with the help of historical figures such as La Fayette and Robespierre. The developers cleverly linked the thread of the mechanized army, our major adversary in the game, into the events of the French Revolution. Machine battles are fought with weak, strong, and charged strikes, as well as specific talents attributed to the weapon. The overheating of our character is a defining aspect of the fighting system. If you’re looking for a unique way to express yourself creatively, here is the place to be. The second half of the game was not refined by the designers. Mistakes are more common, yet the difficulty isn’t too difficult. I was astonished when I maxed out my favorite weapon around halfway through the game and learned that following levels of experience had a minor influence on character growth. Despite these flaws, I had a great time playing the game for 22 hours, finishing it and completing all side missions. However, it should be remembered that for the majority of gamers, this will be a one-time event.

(Image from Steam Game Page)

However, it’s encouraging to watch the Spiders studio, which is responsible for Steelrising, progress in a variety of ways. The animations, for example, are far superior to prior offerings. To summarize, we get a well-made action game that makes excellent use of a watershed moment in world history.

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