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Incredipede Review

(Image from Steam Game Page)

We assemble a horrible monster, bone by bone, muscle by muscle, and then command its awkward motions ourselves. We lead him past perils and difficulties, assisting him in reaching hard-to-reach prizes, until he eventually reaches the intended finish line. The game’s concept is surely unique. And the execution is truly one-of-a-kind!

Incerdipede’s visual style is reminiscent of medieval drawings depicting the then-current picture of uncharted countries and the odd animals that dwell them. The primary figure, which is really just an eye, also appears like something out of a cryptozoological bestiary. Especially when we begin to cover it with an intricate tangle of limbs. Thomas Sahan, an artist specialized in woodcuts and microscopic photography of insects, is the man behind the distinctive visuals, with whom the micro-studio Nothway Games collaborated in the final stages of creation. And, because the visual aspect creates the largest effect here, he must be regarded as an equal inventor of Incredipede, as well as the game itself – an artistic effort. A brief introduction and cutscenes transport us to a realm of shamanic magic, odd idols, and enigmatic ruins. This is how the new undiscovered world must have seemed to Columbus and his conquering crew! The sound background, full of primitive rhythms, the sound of drums, pipes, and other instruments that have lived intact among more or less wild tribes since the Neolithic, also contributes to the game’s unique feel. The noises of predatory creatures and the cries of barefoot hunters making their way through the dark, humid jungle frequently serve as a backdrop to our efforts. All of this results in an audiovisual blend that strongly appeals to the imagination.

(Image from Steam Game Page)

Incredipede, unlike many art games, is a solid portion of terrific fun. The fantastic backdrop is complemented by an exceedingly unique gaming approach. It borrows from the legendary Incredible Machine series, World of Goo, and a lot from the browser hit QWOP, which once caused half of the Internet do contortions on a sports treadmill. In reality, this title cannot be compared to any other game. On each board, we encounter a similar issue. The creature we are caring for must make it safely to the finish line, which is denoted by a golden light streak. He must catch one or more valuables along the route. Collecting them is not essential to complete the stage, but a specific quantity of them is required to move to a more challenging puzzle region. The idea is to glue our player’s spindly limbs together and connect a set of muscles to them in order to form a body that is tailored to the duties assigned to us on a specific board. It’s tough to maneuver the monster since we can only affect the contraction or relaxation of its muscles, not the direction of movement. We can’t achieve much without a well-thought-out design, yet the inadequacies of our invention can occasionally be compensated for with expertise. However, as the game becomes more sophisticated, it will get increasingly tough from board to board. You must avoid lava, navigate areas of water, and even learn to glide in the wind.

The game’s physics engine accurately reproduces reality. Gravity, friction, buoyancy, actions and reactions all operate as they should. Objects can flow through each other, and the creature’s limbs can bounce from one position to another in unforeseen ways. Such mishaps are uncommon, but they should not occur in a physics-based game! One point of contention is the confusing menu. However, these are the game’s sole technical flaws. We will only be irritated by the sixty chores laid before us two or three times while accomplishing them. Even this will be fleeting, because the last phases of the game, where you must focus intensely, will be even more frustrating. In many instances, one strategy to a specific board is most likely insufficient. The adventure does not stop with the levels developed by the designers. We can accept another user’s challenge and try our hand at one of the hundreds of levels available on the Internet. We may also design our own obstacle course and share it with the rest of the globe. The same is true for the animals we created. We may brag about everyone on the Internet – and we mean everyone, because the game is also available in browsers, and seeing someone’s contribution is free. The ability to observe how others dealt with a given level encourages us to seek the best answers available. The aim is to do it faster, more successfully, or gracefully than the other participants!

(Image from Steam Game Page)

Despite its unique concept, unusual design, and high quality craftsmanship, Incredipede will not be a commercial success. Her distinct fashion sense is both a blessing and a disadvantage. Despite the vivid, exaggerated, and unrealistic images, the player occasionally wonders, Is this creature in pain? Don’t I damage him from time to time? When we see a creature moving with obvious struggle, flexing its exposed muscles and scratching the ground with its naked bones, we can’t help but feel terrible for it. Forcing him to finish levels appears cruel. Everything appears to be attractive and vibrant, yet many gamers will be really uneasy. This unexpected consequence by the authors will result in the title, which is superb in terms of gameplay, turning off many sensitive receivers.

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