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Driftmoon Review

(Image from Steam Game Page)

Driftmoon is an original RPG that does not appear to have been produced in the twenty-first century, yet it is nonetheless a modern gem. Although unpolished, it is nonetheless valuable. It was full of fairy-tale charm and reminded me of a period when what counted most in virtual excursions was the ambiance surrounding a compelling plot, memorable characters, and moments of levity. Driftmoon is a simple but lovely story that you may read to your child at bedtime and not even notice that you are more engrossed in reading than the toddler.

In the universe of Driftmoon, I assumed the character of a young man and got a letter from my father. I read that I should hurry back to my hometown because I’m in for a surprise. In reality, my mother hurried out to welcome me and, terrified, tossed me down the well. When I climbed back up, I saw she had saved my life. Someone assaulted the community and turned nearly all of the residents to stone. To make matters worse, my father vanished without a trace, so I went off without thinking to find the receiver of the letter and a method to break the spell on my loved ones. We explore a medieval, fairy-tale fantasy realm. It is not large, yet its terrain is varied. We walk across colorful, tropical, icy, and arid places with our unlucky friends. Some of the lovely characters that help us along the road include a chatty firefly, a jaguar ruler, and a dead-as-Latin skeleton. It’s impossible not to like the world and the people that live in it. The locales are modest, but full of riches and mysteries to explore, and the people sometimes wink at the player. Driftmoon contains several allusions to and distances from the overall RPG genre. Although the primary storyline is a basic yet fascinating and instructional story, the side chores we do are loaded with comedy and cultural references. The combat and talk with the knight errant, who actually breaks apart in front of our eyes, are references to a similar scene in Monty Python and the Holy Grail. The old guy recalls the Unseen University, the most popular magic school from Terry Pratchett’s Discworld, during a talk with a specific sage. In addition, we will encounter a crab-pirate, a wolf-hockey player, a skeleton-chef, and a warrior fly, who will leave us with the Ring of Megalomania after death. In the realm of Driftmoon, jokes, especially word games, are a strong feature of dialogues, finding notes, and books, but their pleasure can only be completely understood if you have a decent grasp of the English language. Poor language skills may be a problem for some players, as at least one of the 10 hours required to complete the game will be spent reading.

(Image from Steam Game Page)

Conversations in Driftmoon reminded me of old role-playing games, where I methodically sifted through succeeding paragraphs of the characters’ arguments and carefully decided which conversation problem to take in the upcoming debate. Tell the complete truth, keep silent, lie, or refuse to trust or assist anyone? The emotions of the characters are seen in the words rather than on their faces. Their actions are as well. That is why the words in each statement are carefully considered and are full of hilarious, educational, and sometimes tear-jerking phrases. The words are the game’s strength; the plot is better constructed than many fairy tales for children and prose for adults. Games aren’t only for conversing. Various amoebas, spiders, lizards, and explosive, shooting, or sticky traps will obstruct the liberation of the land. We gain experience by defeating the creatures that afflict Driftmoon and fulfilling missions. We spend it on improving the hero’s attributes and expanding the skill tree. With each level, we boost the player’s strength, speed, and durability while also adding passive or active fighting skills. We can improve our poison resistance, shock opponents with a shield hit, shred many adversaries at once with a sword, or become an archery expert. Driftmoon appears to be an older game, but the fighting animations are nothing to be embarrassed of; they are as realistic as the angular visuals allow. As in classic RPGs, we have an isometric throw and active pause, which is useful when things get heated on the battlefield. The available weaponry is little yet enough. Swords, hooks, crowbars, axes, shields, and even chef’s caps may be found here – anything that can be discovered at hand, in found trunks, and behind the trader’s counter. It’s worthwhile to accumulate equipment since we can always change the equipment of the characters going with us with a better set. Fights are tough and gratifying, especially when dealing with huge groups of opponents or bosses, and the talents appear to be well chosen. Sometimes you have to consider about which ability to employ and how to spend the available mana or healing potions.

Aside from battle, we will tackle numerous riddles in Driftmoon. Some will be basic exchanges of lines, playing with words with the characters you encounter, while the remainder will make use of the game engine’s capabilities. Using the “drag and drop” approach, we can move several things. We may use this to, for example, create a mosaic puzzle or precisely set weights on a scale that will unlock the door for us. Puzzles normally take only a few minutes to complete, but they provide a wonderful variety to the pleasure. Particularly when the power generator must be charged with electric insects. There are also many recipes and recipes for making stronger arrows and balancing healing potions in the gaming environment. We don’t have to particularly train the hero to be adept in alchemy or armorsmithing, so it’s worthwhile to wander about the region and collect plants, spices, and even plain sticks that may one day save our lives in combat. Furthermore, at the finish of the game, we will be able to trade gold and carefully gathered trinkets for strong weapons and armor. The item making method is straightforward but adequate for a game of moderate size and scenario length. The music that plays as we fight tells us that we are in a fairy-tale place. Even in the midst of a battle, cheery tunes emanate from the speakers. At times, the music stops and no new songs begin to play, leaving a deafening quiet. These flaws might sometimes hinder you from immersing yourself in the game’s ambiance. Driftmoon is a game developed by a married pair that expertly integrated an intriguing plot with layers of wonderful humor, emotional situations, and engaging gameplay. The fairy-tale environment and the characters that inhabit it will live on in my memory forever, which is unusual after finishing high-budget films. The game isn’t very long or error-free, but it has a distinct vibe that lets several hours of walking go with the flick of a finger. Because a world editor was provided in the game, I am forecasting a second youth for Driftmoon thanks to the cooperation of modders.

(Image from Steam Game Page)

As a result, I am at ease regarding the fate of the place to which I have become attached. I urge that everyone take a journey to a beautiful universe that expertly manipulates emotions and mimics good old computer role-playing games.

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