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Among The Sleep Review

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Ghosts and a haunted home motif are no longer enough to distinguish a decent horror film. Fortunately, the designers of Among the Sleep provided an alternative. Although the execution might be improved, the premise and narrative make this title stand out.

Krillbite, a Norwegian independent company, raised funds for its production on Kickstarter back in 2017. Players contributed $248,000 to the project. They apparently loved the concept of having a tiny child play the lead part. A two-year-old kid is the protagonist of Among the Sleep. He goes asleep after an emotional birthday, but something terrible wakes him up. Everything that happens after then can be viewed in a variety of ways. The tale is not told explicitly; we only learn what we’re up against at the conclusion of the quest. The narrative isn’t new, yet it highlights some fascinating and important problems. First and foremost, it helps us consider how particular occurrences are experienced by youngsters.

(Image from Steam Game Page)

In an unusual approach, the authors succeeded to depict the imagination of the smallest toddlers who do not yet grasp the world around them. We observe bizarre and unpleasant happenings that, in time, make sense. Although we do not deal with vampires or other apparitions, we may conclude after finishing the game that certain situations are scarier and more ominous for a two-year-old than encountering terrible monsters. Monsters can be found in Among the Sleep, albeit they are certainly odd adversaries, and their look and conduct are strongly tied to the narrative. Actually, there are just two animals. Because the meeting with them is not scripted, the player may not see any of them up close at all. After playing the game for the second time, I came upon the weirdo from the previous chapter. Monster exposure is a crucial component of terror. It must be said that the Krillbite developers rose to the occasion. We encounter the first monster late in the film, and we never get the idea that the scriptwriters pushed the adversary someplace merely to terrify the audience. In reality, the small hero’s deeds are accompanied by a well-crafted atmosphere of anxiety and terror of something that cannot even be seen. I couldn’t escape the sensation of worry for even a second; it’s reasonable to conclude that the designers succeeded in creating the correct atmosphere.

We are seeing the event from the first person. Because we’re kids, everything appears huge, especially at home. It takes a few seconds to adjust to the toddler’s wobbly pace, but the controls are simple and easy to operate. The gameplay consists mostly of manipulating various items and solving easy puzzles. One may argue that the game is too simple, but we’re dealing with a hero who has just recently learned to walk. It would be unusual if he had to tackle difficult tasks. Some may be put off by the game’s simplicity, yet it matches the developers’ vision. The duration of the game is a major issue. I finished the journey in two and a half hours by taking my time. It appears like at least another hour was lost. I couldn’t help but think that I could have spent more time in several areas and solved more riddles, but the flow of events pushed us along swiftly.

(Image from Steam Game Page)

Among the Sleep is a flawed yet enthralling attempt. The clever premise is the game’s biggest selling point, and the entire experience may make you reconsider. It is worthwhile to become acquainted with this initiative.

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