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Semblance Review

(Image from Steam Game Page)

Semblance appears to be a simple platformer, but it gradually reveals itself to be much more. We receive an intriguing and uncommon logic and arcade game in which brain cell preparation and effort are frequently more significant than reflexes.

This is what distinguishes this work; only in appearance does it resemble The makers of Super Meat Boy have released The End is Nigh. However, in actuality, the most essential thing here is to solve environmental difficulties and puzzles while moving rapidly and avoiding hazards. The capacity to modify the world is the most intriguing aspect of the game. Many board features, such as the ground, platforms, and walls, can be twisted, deeper, or pushed higher in precise spots. This allows us to build transitions and extra reflection spots. The entire game revolves on this brilliant concept. At beginning, we keep things basic. We conquer the shelves in order to achieve the objective, and we fall to the ground in order for the hero – the black ball – to fit in and continue on. The farther you go, the more intriguing it becomes. After the first several stages, more obstacles develop, such as lasers or crystals that are lethal to touch.

(Image from Steam Game Page)

In such cases, you must occasionally think very hard. We may guide the fatal beam emitters in a different direction by bending the substrate on which they are mounted. But how can we accomplish this if they are in the “contaminated” zone, where our character’s power is drained? Perhaps something else should be moved first. We occasionally pause to reflect. The creators do not hurry us, which is a wonderful thing. We don’t have a time restriction and can die as many times as we desire. As a result, we are not under any duress. Despite this, the game is hardly relaxing, owing mostly to the controls. Controlling the character is often faultless, but activating the boosted leap might be annoying – we cannot jump at an angle, just left, right, up, and down. Sometimes it appears like there is insufficient precision to bring us exactly where we want to go. Minor technical issues are also plaguing the manufacturing. We were caught in a wall or the ground several times during our adventure across the three realms. Fortunately, there is an option to reset the hero, so it is not terrible – but if it occurs at the conclusion of conquering any difficulties, it may be a bit annoying.

The vibrant backdrop is nice to the eye, and each planet offers a variety of hues, although the overall design is a little uninspired. However, because the entire experience lasts only 5-6 hours, the visual aspect does not grow weary.

(Image from Steam Game Page)

Semblance is unquestionably a good debut for Nyamakop, a South African studio. A prospective sequel with a little greater budget and diversity might really satisfy platforming lovers – but the original is so addicting that you’ll want to go through the full journey.

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